Your website is the public face of your organisation. Internet users form impressions quickly and your website tells them what you do and what kind of organisation you are.

At IFF Research, we test the website user experience with your customers and stakeholders to maximise your website’s effectiveness and help you avoid common pitfalls. IFF website usability testing provides ‘real life’ insight and recommendations. Our specialist researchers will work closely with your team to fully understand your organisation’s mission and brand, and how well you feel your website is currently serving these.

IFF builds on this with a range of qualitative approaches, including ‘accompanied surf’ mini-groups and depth interviews. We apply techniques rooted in consumer psychology to explore not only how user-friendly the website is, but also how the experience of using the website feels to the customer and what it is saying about your organisation.

We use expert research practitioners to conduct the website testing and critically, to use their expertise to deliver a coherent set of recommendations for what should be changed and why. We produce a concise summary for senior decision makers, and also annotated screen-by-screen findings that explain how your customers understood, interacted with and felt about each webpage.

We have a range of “tried and tested” methodologies that we can tailor to your needs, so we can turn around findings quickly once we have agreed the approach. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss how IFF can ensure your website is optimised through the application of our comprehensive range of methodologies.

Get in touch with us today to discuss your research requirements.