Your website needs to help your customers discover your services and make their digital journey as seamless as possible. We can test user experience with your customers and stakeholders to maximise your website’s effectiveness and help you avoid common pitfalls.

How we help

  • Scoping and consultation

    We’ll work closely with you to fully understand your mission and brand, and how well you feel your website is currently serving these.

  • Recruitment

    We can recruit consumer and business audiences to test your digital services in a ‘real life’ setting.

  • A wide range of methodologies

    Including qualitative depth interviews, mini groups, observations in a lab setting, and quantitative techniques.

  • Producing actionable insight

    We use our expertise to deliver a coherent set of recommendations for what should be changed and why. We’ll produce a concise summary for senior decision-makers, and annotated screen-by-screen findings which explain how your customers understood, interacted with, and felt about each webpage