Following several years of freak weather and environmental disasters, there is little doubt that we are in the midst of a climate emergency. At IFF we’re committed to promoting sustainability and reducing the negative impact that we as a company, and as individuals, have on the environment.

IFF’s Green Group

Recognising this, IFF’s Green Group was formed in 2019 to ensure we honour this commitment and embed sustainable practices into all areas and all levels of the business. Specifically they work to help us:

  • Reduce carbon emissions to net zero
  • Reduce waste and resource use
  • Lead and inspire behaviour change
  • Hold senior leaders to account

As part of this commitment we’re proud signatories of the MRS Net Zero pledge, which commits us to having net zero emission by 2026. But, importantly the pledge goes further than this, requiring signatories to publish their emissions, collaborate with the sector, and support and engage others outside the business.


Our pledge, our environmental audit and corresponding sustainable action are led by IFF’s Green Group – comprising team members from various levels and departments.

We’re passionate about making a difference, but we know there’s a long way to go. Now we have a baseline, and something to work from, this is where the work really begins.

As part of our pledge to the MRS Net Zero initiative, we have compiled a comprehensive report detailing our emissions throughout the year 2022. This report not only outlines our carbon footprint, but also presents clear and actionable steps toward significantly reducing our emissions. By sharing our plan, we aim to show our path towards meeting our sustainability goals and demonstrate our accountability and commitment to tackling climate change.

Image of people at work

IFF Research Carbon Reduction Plan 2022