Regulation Research

Regulatory bodies require high-quality independent research to make fair and informed decisions. With 55 years’ experience of delivering robust and impactful research, we help our regulatory partners make data-driven decisions that stand up to the toughest scrutiny, while minimising the regulatory burden.

How we help

Because your organisation and challenges are unique, we provide tailored research solutions, covering various markets and sectors.

We can help you to evaluate:

  • The effectiveness and impact of new legislation and guidance
  • Changes intended to reduce the regulatory burden
  • The extent of consumer detriment in regulated and unregulated markets

Why choose IFF?

Extensive understanding of the regulation sector

Leading to better-informed and tailored solutions that deliver more impactful results

High senior involvement from regulation research directors

Giving you full confidence in the quality of the results

Expertise across a range of research methodologies

Supporting solutions to meet your specific needs

“IFF are not just an agency, they are real partners in our research, working with us to shape what we do to get the most useful outcomes and making best use of our budget. The CLC is known for the depth and breadth of its understanding of the regulated community and our work with IFF is key to that.”

Stephen Ward, Director of Strategy and External Relations, Council for Licensed Conveyancers

Our clients

Case studies

To find out more

For more information about our regulatory research please complete the contact form to contact our director, Rob Warren, to discuss your specific needs.

Rob Warren Research Director