Health & wellbeing research specialists

As we emerge from the pandemic, we’re starting to see the fallout from the pressures it placed on family relationships, on mental health, and of the reduced opportunities to engage with sport and exercise.

Meanwhile, the pandemic has taken a heavy toll on our healthcare system. With healthcare professionals tackling indirect impacts such as staffing challenges and ever-growing waiting lists, alongside new Covid-19 cases and supporting people with long Covid.

We help policy makers devise and evaluate strategies to mitigate long term impacts on physical and mental health. We also support the healthcare system to develop and embed initiatives that facilitate collaborative working, alongside effective and efficient delivery – ensuring the viewpoints of healthcare professionals are central to this process.

Why IFF?

We understand your challenges

Research delivered by health & wellbeing experts, who understand the challenges you face, speak your language and know what works.

We see this as a partnership

Working together towards a common goal, our team become an extension of yours. Our flexible and collaborative approach, with guidance and strong communication throughout means you’re always kept in the loop and can trust us to deliver.

Tailor made research

With expertise across a full suite of research methodologies, and the skills and capacity to offer a full range of approaches, you’ll receive a tailored solution that meets your needs.

Some of our specialisms

From one-off surveys, to complex multi-strand projects, we offer a wide range of solutions, to meet your insight needs. Here are a just a few ways we might be able to help.

Research into disability and mental health

Our specialist health researchers can help you research the lived experiences of individuals with physical and mental health conditions.

Seldom-heard audiences

We can help you access and interview a wide range of hard-to-reach audiences ranging from politicians and CEOs to the homeless and those with alcohol or drug dependencies.

Our research partners

We work with organisations working to support health & wellbeing. Here are just a handful of our research partners focused on health & wellbeing.

We’re here to help!

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