Tenant satisfaction measures

The TSMs are part of a new system to assess how well social housing landlords are doing at providing good quality homes and services. If the TSMs fall under your remit, and you need guidance on TSM data collection and reporting, help is at hand.

Customer satisfaction measurement

We help housing providers meet regulatory requirements and build stronger relationships with their customers through reliable and robust customer insight programmes.  

Stakeholder research

Stakeholder feedback is an invaluable source of information which can help you identify market trends and emerging challenges which are having, or will have, an impact on your organisation.


Our evaluation specialists can help you to understand what is and isn’t working, to make best use of your funds and to target resources. We can also help you to measure and improve the intended benefits of a policy, programme or service.

Customer experience research

Customer relationships are complex, with every interaction impacting how we feel about an organisation. Depending on where you are on your Customer Experience Management journey, we offer a range of CX research solutions.

National statistics and complex surveys

Whether you want a simple but large-scale survey delivered at pace, or something more complex involving inbound calls and supporting comms plans, we can help.

Business Spotlight – IFF’s business omnibus

Your monthly hotline to 500 senior decision makers, Business Spotlight is a monthly omnibus survey, using a representative sample of business leaders across all UK business sizes and sectors.

Behavioural insights

Our range of behavioural insight research tools can give you richer insights into what’s driving behaviour and smarter solutions to help your organisation influence people.