We believe that having a strong understanding of the context in which our clients operate helps us to deliver the best service and most impactful results. Which is why we specialise in core sectors, in which our teams have expertise and demonstrate a genuine interest in.

Improving the quality of your research

These sector specialisms enable our researchers to offer you valuable advice and support throughout your project – ensuring it runs smoothly, and improving the quality of the results.

Saving you time and energy

It also means that we speak your language and understand the backdrop to your project – saving you time and energy for the life of your project. Removing the need for frequent explanations, in turn, reducing your workload.

Our key sectors

Business & Enterprise

The business environment is fast-moving, with customer needs and expectations growing. To succeed and stay ahead of the curve, businesses make frequent decisions that will determine future success.

Education, Learning & Skills

Ensuring that the UK has a population with the right skills, competencies and qualifications is vital to help us compete, succeed and prosper in the modern global marketplace.

Energy & Environment

Our sector specialists help government, businesses and third sector organisations gain the insight needed to make better-informed decisions on energy usage and environmental policies.

Financial Services

We provide insight to help financial service providers better support their customers.

Health & Wellbeing

We help policy makers devise and evaluate strategies to mitigate long term impacts on physical and mental health. We also support the healthcare system to develop and embed effective initiatives.

Higher Education

We help higher education providers and policy makers navigate challenges, providing crucial insight to better support students before, during and after their higher education experience.


We help housing providers, government and businesses within the housing sector to better understand their customers and make better decisions.


We help regulatory bodies collect high-quality independent data to make fair and informed decisions to support businesses, protect consumers, and lay the foundations for economic growth.

Work & Welfare

We can help policy makers collect robust evidence to guide effective decision-making around work and welfare.