IFF Sectors

We believe that having a strong understanding of the context in which our clients operate helps us to deliver the best service and most impactful results. Which is why we specialise in core sectors, in which our teams have expertise and demonstrate a genuine interest in.

Improving the quality of your research

These sector specialisms enable our researchers to offer valuable advice and support at all stages of your project, from design through data collection and reporting. Not only will this ensure your project runs smoothly, it will also improve the quality of the results.

Saving you time and energy

It also means that we speak your language and understand the backdrop to your project – saving you time and energy for the life of your project. Removing the need for frequent explanations, in turn, reducing your workload.

Our key sectors:

Learning and Skills

Learning & Skills

Discovering how government policy affects learners, workers and business

Higher Education

Higher Education

Helping institutions make better decisions throughout the higher education lifecycle



Helping housing providers, government and business to solve housing-related challenges

Business and Enterprise

Business & Enterprise

Evaluating business growth, innovation and government schemes designed to support them

Work and Welfare

Work & Welfare

Helping ensure the effective functioning of the welfare system, understand the employer-employee relationship and guide policy development



Helping regulators make fair and informed decisions

Health and Wellbeing

Health & Wellbeing

Rigorous research to support organisations striving to improve the health and wellbeing of the population

Financial Services

Financial Services

Supporting growth and innovation within the financial services sector

Energy and environment sector

Energy & Environment

Informing policy decisions and supporting sustainable business

“IFF were fantastic to work with. They ensured through effective communication and collaboration that our brief was followed. The final output was carefully crafted to our specification…it was clear IFF were keen to meet our needs. Furthermore, the team continued to offer support in ensuring that the research could make an impact within the institution with the offer of workshop sessions.”

Dr Anthony Mansfield SFHEA, Senior Strategic Planning Manager, UEL