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Jobs at IFF Research: Join our Team

IFF Research is always on the lookout for talented people to join our team.

Whether you’re an experienced researcher, a graduate, telephone interviewer or a seasoned business services professional, we would love to hear from you.

About us

IFF Research was founded back in 1965 and is now one of the UK leading independent research agencies. We’re really proud to be involved in some of the most impactful social and market research, providing insight to help inform our clients’ decision-making processes.

While it’s easy to say, our people really are the heart of IFF, reflected in our first core value of “being human first”.

We welcome and encourage people who think and act outside of the norm. Creative problem solvers who are inspired to help others find solutions, and who are not afraid to be themselves. Our people are bright, fun and friendly, which is what makes our work environment interesting, inclusive and engaging. The result is a culture which promotes wellbeing and is a genuinely enjoyable place to be.

We believe that you get the most out of people and create a happy and healthy workplace by enabling people to work in a way which suits then. So we operate a flexible work environment, trusting people to work effectively and encouraging personal responsibility for their work.

What we do

IFF helps organisations, businesses and individuals in the public, private and voluntary sectors make better informed decisions.  We’re an independent social and market research agency who deliver a wide range of research services to inform policy decisions and steer companies in the right strategic direction.

We are dynamic enough to lead on large-scale studies like the Employer Skills Survey (one of the largest B2B surveys in the world), whilst also being agile enough to offer bespoke and cost-effective projects for a wide range of clients.

Creating a great work environment

The wellbeing of our staff is something we place great importance on. Which is why we created an employee-led wellbeing committee, tasked with promoting and supporting wellbeing at IFF.

As a team, our wellbeing committee composed our wellbeing statement:

At IFF we put positive workplace wellbeing at the heart of our culture, evident in our core values and ways of working. We are committed to fostering an environment in which our employees feel supported in leading a healthy and happy lifestyle, both inside and outside of work. Our Wellbeing Committee – formed to help us cement this goal – is dedicated to:

– Running initiatives and regular events that promote positive physical and mental wellbeing.
– Sharing content through the monthly newsletter for external sources of support.
– Equipping line managers with the tools to offer basic pastoral care, reasonable adjustments and recommended referrals where appropriate.
– Offering first line support and early identification of concerns through our Mental Health First Aiders.

Our wellbeing committee are supported by our social committee, who organise a range of social activities to suit the diverse interests of our team. As well as our environmental committee who are helping us to work more sustainably.

Our commitment to inclusion

Creating an inclusive workforce and a culture of respect and acceptance is engrained in our company values, and we understand that different ways of thinking, working and communicating are key to our success.

We are very proud to have signed the MRS CEO pledge: A Manifesto for Opportunity. As part of our commitment to this pledge, we are committed to publishing information on different demographics as well as making commitments throughout the employee lifecycle to create an environment where the only barriers to progress are personal choice and professional competence. Read more about the pledge and our commitment to inclusion here.

Joining IFF

Our people lie at the heart of everything we do. We encourage all our team to be themselves, offering support, flexibility and opportunities to help them develop professionally and personally.

Want to join us?

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Alistair, Director

‘A lot has changed in the world since I joined IFF in 2001, and the industry has adapted to meet new challenges over that time. Some things have remained the same within IFF though, particularly the emphasis we place on our staff and internal training programmes. Indeed, the opportunities IFF presented me explains how I’m now a Director specialising in areas of research that really interest me.’

Alice, Associate Director

‘What’s great about working at IFF is that you get exposure to different types of research and methodologies, and are therefore constantly challenged and have the opportunity to build up a broad skill set; no two days are the same. There’s also an ethos of approachability that runs throughout the company, and there are a lot of opportunities for socialising.’

Mark, Senior Research Manager

IFF has a culture that promotes respect and recognises that happiness is as important a driver to success as anything else. Staff are trusted to manage their days, and rewarded for their hard work with monthly events, as well as being provided with a number of great benefits.

Our Rules of the Game

Decided by our team, our Rules of the Game bring our Values to life, reflecting how we work together and behave day-today.  

  • Take pride in every piece of work

  • When you can, say ‘yes’

  • And when you‘ve said ‘yes’ deliver (well, and on time)

  • Respect that everyone has lives outside of work; share the load and look out for each other

  • Keep your head out of the sand; be brave enough to anticipate and share problems

  • Make it safe for everyone to have a voice

  • Be proactive, don’t wait to be told

  • Consult and collaborate; remember we’re all working towards the same thing

  • Think critically and challenge the easy option

  • Smile and be friendly; welcome new faces

  • Thank, praise and give feedback

  • Be genuine in your communication – honest in content, authentically ‘you’ in style

  • Stay calm, kind and constructive when it’s hardest to do so

  • Be who you are, wear what you want, but be brilliant