Business & enterprise research specialists

It’s been a challenging few years for UK businesses – dealing with Brexit, Covid, increasing costs, staff shortages, and supply chain issues. This makes it more crucial than ever to understand your customers, supply chains, and stakeholders.

Meanwhile, it’s vital that policy makers understand business attitudes and behaviours, and how they are adapting to the changing environment and challenges they face. Good quality insight can inform interventions aimed at assisting businesses and boosting growth, and can evaluate how these interventions have been delivered and the impacts they have had.

All of this requires robust insight gathered from researchers with a proven track record of business research of all shapes and sizes.

Why IFF?

We see this as a partnership

Working together towards a common goal, our team become an extension of yours. Our flexible and collaborative approach, with guidance and strong communication throughout means you’re always kept in the loop and can trust us to deliver.

Capacity to deliver

With one of the largest B2B interviewing teams in the country, you can be confident that we can deliver at scale and at pace.

Combining business and research expertise

Our business research specialists cover the full range of methods, and can draw on specialisms from across the company as well as our network of established partners, offering you a one-stop shop for your insight needs.

Our specialisms

While we offer a whole host of business research options, here are some of our core specialisms.

Bespoke business surveys

Survey your audience with a bespoke business survey, conducted over the phone (CATI), online or push-to-web. Our extensive CATI capacity can deliver at pace and to any scale.

Qualitative recruitment and interviewing

Our team of specialist businesses recruiters can help you access even the most challenging of audiences.

Our research partners

We work with policy makers and businesses to help support innovation and business growth. Here are just a handful of our business & enterprise partners.

We’re here to help!

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