Financial Services Research

With increasing competition within the financial services sector, meeting your customers’ needs is no longer sufficient. Changes in customer expectations, consumer behaviour and technological advances have forced even the most traditional brands to adapt and innovate at pace to grow or even maintain market share. This period of rapid change has resulted in a plethora of new products and services available to consumer and business customers. As well as increasing expectations on providers to support and promote the financial wellbeing of their customers. Never has insight been more important for data-driven decision making and to support successful service delivery.

From pricing to product and service development, from audience segmentation to campaign and comms testing, we deliver robust research solutions to help financial services organisations innovate and achieve business growth.

How we help

Financial Wellbeing

With 9M people in the UK currently in debt, it’s evident that financial wellbeing should be something we’re talking about. Yet, our research with the Money and Pensions Service suggests that providers are not always measuring financial wellbeing or considering it during product design. We can help you better support your customers, enhance your reputation, and reap commercial benefits through our financial wellbeing insight services.

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Customer Experience

Choosing from a wide range of tools, including snapshot or tracking surveys, focus groups and customer journey mapping, we’ll help you identify opportunities and resolve issues to optimise your customer experience.

New Product Development

From identification of customer needs, to testing concepts and refining campaign messaging, gain crucial customer insight to ensure a successful product launch and support the longevity of its lifecycle.

Why choose IFF?

Strong understanding of regulatory and commercial requirements

This expertise adds value throughout the process, from project design through to dissemination, for results with impact

Guaranteed high senior involvement

With two directors overseeing every project you can feel confident in the quality of the results

Experience of diverse research methodologies

Supporting solutions to meet your specific needs

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