Sometimes you need to understand how to develop a policy, programme or service to change the knowledge or behaviours of the public, your customers, services users or stakeholders. Or perhaps you need to know how it is operating on the ground and with all your different stakeholders. You might already know how it is operating but not whether it is having the intended benefits.

In these situations, an evaluation can inform thinking before, during and after an intervention’s implementation. Our evaluation specialists can help you to understand what is and isn’t working about an intervention, to make best use of your funds and to target resources. We can also help you to scope and measure the intended benefits of a policy, programme or service, and advise you on how to improve, sustain and scale up your intervention.


Better understand what works and why

Collect quality and relevant evidence – underpinned by the right process and/or evaluation techniques – on how your intervention is working and why from all key audiences.

Prioritise changes

Recognise the impact of your intervention, and what influences and shapes it.

Influence outcomes

Armed with this insight, receive sharp recommendations on how your organisation can deliver effective interventions to your users.

How we help

The first step with any evaluation is scoping your need. We’ll talk with you and your stakeholders and conduct evidence reviews to find out what your populations and stakeholders needs are. We’ll also be looking to understand what else has been done to tackle the same problem, including what works, what doesn’t and what challenges you may face. With the aim of articulating your intervention in a clear and specific way, using theories of change and logic models.

Then, if you’d like to measure the effectiveness of your processes, we might then conduct a process evaluation. This will involve primary and secondary research to understand how your intervention was implemented, if it operated as intended, and how it has run.


Or, if you want to understand impact, we’ll deliver an impact evaluation. For this, we’ll conduct primary and secondary research to find out whether your intervention has worked and if it achieved any unexpected results. When combined with a process evaluation, this can help you to understand the reasons for your impact.

Depending on your objectives, our evaluation team can also support with knowledge sharing. From standard reports to creative and innovative outputs like animations, videos and infographics, we’ll work with you to ensure the feedback is put to good use and is communicated effectively to your audience.


Our research partners

Here are a handful of our research partners who use evaluation to collect insight.

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