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The availability and supply of affordable quality homes is an ongoing challenge, at both national and local levels. And, with a greater focus on housing supply, creating sustainable communities, and optimising living environments to promote wellbeing, the housing agenda has never been more important. This is where our specialist housing research team come in.

We help housing providers, government and businesses within the housing sector to better understand their customers and make better decisions. Whether you’re looking to track satisfaction with industry benchmarking, evaluate the impact of initiatives or better understand your customers’ experience we can help you collect rich and actionable insight, building trust with your customers and stakeholders.

How we help

We offer tailored housing research designed to meet your specific objectives. We’ll work with you throughout the process, from project design, through data collection, analysis, reporting and implementation, offering our expertise and advice to ensure your project meets your objectives and delivers impact.

Below are just a handful of the type of projects we can help with.

Track satisfaction

We help housing providers to monitor customer experience and improve performance with customer satisfaction surveys. Incorporating transaction-based feedback, while monitoring perception over time, our customer feedback programmes provide crucial insight, offering real-time results for quick issue resolution and the ability to benchmark against your peers. Plus, with independently collected feedback you can build trust, while enjoying peace of mind that your results will stand up to scrutiny.

Measure customer experience

With customer expectations on the rise, it’s never been more important to understand your customers’ experiences. You might be interested in understanding the overall experience you provide, or focusing on an area of interest or concern. Through a carefully mapped process, delivered by our customer experience specialists, we can help you see your services through the eyes of your customers. By identifying friction points we can help you reduce customer effort, improve service delivery and subsequent performance.

Evaluate impact

When it comes to new initiatives, like those affecting our communities and neighbourhoods, it’s important to understand the impact of the changes you are putting into place. And, with stretched budgets, you’ll no doubt need to demonstrate how resources have been spent and the value gained.

Using the expertise of our specialist impact evaluation team, we can help you to demonstrate the impact of investment, paving the way for future projects.

Who we help

Customer Effort in Social Housing

Social Housing

With increased public scrutiny following Grenfell and the resultant green paper it is a challenging time for social housing providers. We understand the unique pressures registered providers face, from increasing expectations for engagement, performance and transparency, to providing high quality housing at an affordable price.

Our extensive experience of tracking satisfaction over time and of delivering qualitative social housing research such as customer journey mapping and impact evaluations can help you better understand your customers, improve provision, engage your stakeholders and build trust.

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Student Accommodation

Student accommodation and student experience are inextricably linked. With increasing competition to attract and retain students it’s crucial universities provide accommodation options that meet student needs and promote wellbeing.

We can help you optimise your student living experience and improve performance by tracking satisfaction over time, or taking a more qualitative approach to developing your understanding of your customer experience and the service you provide.

retirement living

Retirement Living

We help retirement housing providers better understand their customers’ experience, motivations and drivers for client satisfaction and advocacy.

Whether you’d like to track performance over time using satisfaction tracking surveys; or unpick target areas through focus groups, customer journey mapping or demographic segmentation, we can help you to develop your services, underpin your market position and improve performance.

Why choose IFF?

We understand your challenges

Benefit from our combined housing and research expertise for helpful advice, reliable results and actionable insights

We’ll design the ideal solution for your needs

With the help of our research specialists, who include experts in a wide range of research methodology, we offer a wide range of options, so you don’t have to compromise

We see this as a partnership

Your personal account manager will help you maximise the impact of the results, while making light work of design, data collection and dissemination

“At LiveWest we are committed to ensuring the voice of our customers is listened to in all areas of our work and our continued partnership with IFF Research is key to helping us to achieve this. With IFF’s support we have been able to utilise new contact channels, reaching customers who in the past may not have given us their feedback. In recent months IFF’s flexibility and responsiveness has been invaluable at a time when our customers and the whole sector have had to adapt quickly. The team’s wealth of research expertise within and outside the sector has also been really beneficial, and we are excited for the next project we will be working on together.

Laura Rychlewski, Strategy and Insight Researcher, LiveWest

Our housing partners

Case studies

“We received excellent support from IFF Research at all stages of the project – from the initial consultation, through to the design of the questionnaire and then the comprehensive and insightful results in the My.Research portal. Throughout the process IFF Research were professional, helpful and friendly and this why we have chosen to work with them on a suite of further transactional surveys.”

Jessica Collier, Performance and Assurance Advisor, Torus

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