IFF’s report on Corporate Strategy and Stakeholder Research published by the General Medical Council

The GMC has published research from patients, healthcare bodies and doctors which will be used as a baseline to measure the impact of its corporate strategy. It shows that confidence in the profession and in regulation among patients and the public remains high: 88% of patients and the public are confident in doctors, and 84% are confident in the way doctors are regulated. However, three in four doctors lost some confidence in the GMC over the last 12 months, in the wake of the Jack Adcock/ Dr Bawa-Garba case.

Over nine in ten stakeholders felt that their overall working relationship with the GMC was good, but there is scope to improve this further by listening and communicating direction of travel more effectively.

The data will help inform progress against a number of the aims underpinning the GMC’s corporate strategy, including:

  • Supporting doctors in delivering good medical practice for patients
  • Strengthening collaboration with regulatory partners
  • Strengthening relationships with the public and profession

The research was undertaken in August and September 2018, and heard the views of more than 3,300 doctors, 2,000 members of the public and 50 stakeholders through online and telephone surveys.

Paul Buckley, Director of Strategy and Policy for the GMC, highlighted the importance of the research to the organisation, saying “It’s vital that we listen to the profession in order to improve their working lives and patient safety”.

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