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IFF Research is one of the research industry’s leading players. With over 50 years of experience, we have a proven track record of delivering high-quality strategic research for a wide range of organisations across the public and private sectors.

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We provide tailor-made research solutions that deliver the insights our clients require. We are passionate about illuminating the world through intelligent and impartial research. Together, we’ll create a solution that works for you.

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Our teams are fully trained in quantitative and qualitative research methods to deliver accurate, insightful outcomes for every study we conduct – including fast-turnaround online projects, focus groups with consumers, and face-to-face interviews with hard-to-reach stakeholders.

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Our key sectors:

Learning & Skills

Discovering how government policy affects learners, workers and business

Employment & Benefits

Providing thorough insight into conditions for workers and those on benefits


Helping regulators make fair and informed decisions with high-quality independent research

Business & Enterprise

Evaluating products, services and initiatives, plus wider aspects like innovation and growth

Health & Wellbeing

Researching how effective policies, programmes and communications are for patients and health professionals

Financial Services

Supporting the financial services to meet the needs of their consumers and members

DWP’s employment pilots for people with drug/alcohol dependencies

Professional Services

Providing actionable insights to help the sector satisfy the needs of customers and regulators

Higher Education

Supporting institutions throughout the Higher Education lifecycle


Helping government, housing providers and business to solve housing-related challenges


“IFF were extremely accommodating adding additional questions to address gaps in the evidence base. They were also innovative in adapting a modular approach so that the sample size could be split and more topic areas could be covered. Whilst balancing the merger of the two surveys into one and adopting a modular approach and all the complexities that come with it, they went even further investigating a move away from quota sampling. Tasking themselves with this additional work shows the dedication of the team.”

— Julianne Kieran, Department for the Economy, Northern Ireland

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