Understanding how stakeholders interact with organisations is recognised as increasingly vital in process, policy and communications development.

The needs of organisations in this space are changing as we delve further into the digital era and reputation can be affected in more ways than ever before. Measuring perceptions of your organisation is therefore crucial in order to know how to approach your audience.

IFF is particularly adept in gathering sensitive and pertinent information from both external and internal stakeholders. These can range from politicians and senior civil servants, to the socially-excluded and/or disadvantaged – who are very much the ‘forgotten’ stakeholders for many organisations. Such audiences can be approached in smaller working groups, or via one-on-one or paired depth interviews.

In order to cast our net this wide, we work flexibly in terms of timings and locations, using a bespoke range of methodologies so that the information we collect has the granularity and specificity you need to meet your requirements.

The benefits of this kind of insight can be invaluable for your organisation, not least because stakeholders will feel reassured that you value their opinion enough to conduct such research. Additionally, the findings collected can be used to inform communications, internal reorganisations, rebranding, and service delivery.


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