• Stakeholder & Reputation Research

    Helping your organisation translate our research findings into plans and next steps

    IFF Research Solutions Stakeholder and Reputation Research

Stakeholder and reputation research gets to the heart of what’s most important for your organisation, and all those who interact with it. It helps you reach and connect with those who matter to you. It also tends to be highly actionable, and, at IFF, we love making a difference by helping you translate our research findings into plans and next steps.

How we help

  • Mapping your stakeholders

    We facilitate structured conversations to understand your relationship with different audiences. This ensures intelligent sampling decisions and questionnaire design.

  • Making your research work across multiple stakeholders

    We adapt our approach and tailor research materials so that your stakeholders find the research relevant and easy to take part in – from C-Suite level stakeholders to the socially disadvantaged or excluded.

  • Deep dives into what makes your stakeholders tick

    Our researchers love to listen and get under the skin of stakeholders. Stakeholder and reputation research can be a relationship-building exercise, helping your key audiences feel valued.

  • Establishing long-term relationships

    We add value through working with our clients over time, creating baselines through consolidating and streamlining previous surveys. We design questionnaires so that you can compare key measures while taking account of hot topics and distinguishing blips from trends when it comes to analysis.

  • Interactive workshops

    We help you work through the implications of the research in more depth to ensure buy-in and ownership of next steps.