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How to write an effective research brief

Whether you’re launching a simple survey or planning a large-scale project the quality of your brief will hugely impact on your results. Using our experience, we’ve put together a ‘how to’ guide on writing an effective research brief.

The ultimate guide to customer journey mapping your complaints service

We’ll take you step-by-step through our complaints two-way customer journey mapping process to show you how to do it.

Social housing benchmarking: a definitive guide

Benchmarking is a way of evaluating an organisation’s performance against an external standard, or with other organisations and can also be carried out internally by comparing performance measures against a set of standard metrics.

The social housing white paper: definitive guide

The social housing white paper, or “The Charter for Social Housing Residents” was published in November 2020. At 76 pages, it’s a hefty document. So, in this article, we’ve broken down the chapters.

Higher education insight guides

Our handy guides cover different areas of research – to cover all your bases – breaking each topic down, with best practice and top tips.

How to run a successful research project

Successful research projects are largely the result of good planning. Before you even start to think about when and how you might conduct a research project in-house, you need to sit down and ask yourself and some key questions.

Tenant satisfaction measures: your definitive guide

From April 2023 all registered social housing providers in England must collect data on a new set of tenant satisfaction measures (TSMs). This guide includes some of the key things you need to know and do.

How to ensure your research makes an impact

So, you’ve completed fieldwork, analysed the findings and it’s time to share the fruits of your labour with your colleagues and stakeholders.

How to do qualitative research

Qualitative research is typically concerned with exploring perceptions and views, unpicking behaviour and understanding experiences. It is often used to answer research questions beginning with ‘how’, ‘what’ or ‘why’.

How to analyse and interpret data

You’ve run your survey, have your data and now it is time to make sense of the information you have collected and understand what the data is telling you.

How to write a survey questionnaire

The questionnaire is a researcher’s most important tool! You need to ask the right questions, in the right way to get the insight you need. This guide explains what makes a good survey, be it online or telephone, and what pitfalls to avoid.