HMRC Large Business Panel & Tax Opinions Panel Surveys 2010-2015

Since 2010, IFF Research has conducted eight waves of research for HMRC among the largest businesses in the UK, using a panel approach.

How did IFF illuminate the situation with research?

At each wave of the study, IFF has demonstrated ability to maintain high response rates through a census of the large business population – achieving around 1,700 interviews every wave, with overall response rates of between 44% and 48%.

We’ve undertaken robust longitudinal analysis of the data, which not only gives an overall view of how opinions change over time, but also understands why and how this is the case for individual businesses. All of the LBPS/TOPS reports written to date have been (or will be) published.

Although both surveys were conducted among the same audiences (Heads of Tax and Financial Directors), the aims of the studies were slightly different – LBPS sought to explore the experience of working with HMRC, whereas TOPS investigated businesses views on UK tax policy – with the ultimate aim of understanding how changes in tax policy might affect the behaviour of businesses.

Before each wave of research, the questionnaires were formally reviewed – involving development workshops with stakeholders, cognitive testing with respondents and a standalone pilot stage.

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