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Social housing is a sector with a strong social purpose; founded in the belief that everyone should have a safe, secure and affordable place to call home. Yet, the Grenfell tragedy and the ongoing housing crisis have both highlighted a need for a change in approach, to collaborate with residents more equally and to scale up at pace to meet the ever-growing need. All of which are supported by high quality and robust customer insight.

We help social housing providers measure performance, monitor satisfaction and better understand their customers’ experience. This crucial insight into the service you provide, and the lived experience of your residents, will help you optimise your customer experience, improve provision, build your reputation and trust.

“IFF actively supports Midland Heart to monitor and improve customer service delivery by providing business owners the tools to view and analyse key customer performance data in real-time via an on-line portal.

E-mail triggers at point of interview allow service delivery teams to identify and investigate service failures and arrange remedial actions swiftly. This leads to an enhanced experience for our customers”.

Kevin Wedge, Senior Research Officer, Midland Heart

How we help

Our social housing insight specialists have experience of delivering a wide range of options, to meet varying objectives. Whether you’re looking for a snapshot survey, or a depth evaluation, your personal account manager will advise and support you from project design to dissemination, for results that deliver value and impact.

Monitor customer satisfaction

Gather actionable insight about your service and customer perception with our customer satisfaction programme. Resident Voice incorporates transaction-based surveys to measure satisfaction with repairs and tracking surveys to monitor perception over time. With contact methods to suit customer contact preferences and your budget, and real-time reporting via our intuitive platform, we’ll help you optimise performance in a cost effective and reliable way. And, with independently collected feedback, you can benchmark reliably against your peers, with confidence that your results will stand up to scrutiny.

Customer journey mapping

See your services through the eyes of your customer with the help of our customer experience experts. We can help you to map your customers’ whole experience or focus on an area of interest or concern. Customer journey mapping is a popular tool with providers looking to get more in-depth insight to optimise performance and customer experience.

Measure employee engagement

Delighting your customers is only possible if your employees are onboard. We can help you to understand how engaged your employees are and what levers you can pull to make sure that they are aligned with your organisations objectives. Monitor engagement and identify areas of dissonance between what your customers need and what your employees are trying to deliver with our employee engagements surveys.

Why IFF?

As social housing experts, we understand your challenges.

This expertise will add value throughout the process, while minimising effort for you

We see this as a partnership.

Your personal account manager will help you maximise the impact of the results, while making light work of design, data collection and dissemination.

Benefit from our social housing community.

With events and resources design to upskill and empower, you can share challenges, pick up inspiration and learn from your peers.

“At LiveWest we are committed to ensuring the voice of our customers is listened to in all areas of our work and our continued partnership with IFF Research is key to helping us to achieve this. With IFF’s support we have been able to utilise new contact channels, reaching customers who in the past may not have given us their feedback. In recent months IFF’s flexibility and responsiveness has been invaluable at a time when our customers and the whole sector have had to adapt quickly. The team’s wealth of research expertise within and outside the sector has also been really beneficial, and we are excited for the next project we will be working on together.

Laura Rychlewski, Strategy and Insight Researcher, LiveWest

Our Social Housing Partners

Case Studies

“We received excellent support from IFF Research at all stages of the project – from the initial consultation, through to the design of the questionnaire and then the comprehensive and insightful results in the My.Research portal. Throughout the process IFF Research were professional, helpful and friendly and this why we have chosen to work with them on a suite of further transactional surveys.”

Jessica Collier, Performance and Assurance Advisor, Torus