Business & Enterprise Research

The business environment is fast-moving, with customer needs and expectations growing. To succeed and stay ahead of the curve, businesses make frequent decisions that will determine future success. From product or service development, to pricing, marketing and communications, these decisions must be data-driven to ensure they help you achieve your objectives and meet your customer needs.

We deliver robust research solutions to help businesses and government bodies make better informed decisions, supporting innovation and business growth.

How we help

We help businesses:

Measure customer experience

Choosing from a wide range of tools, including snapshot or tracking surveys, focus groups and customer journey mapping, we’ll help you identify opportunities and resolve issues to optimise your customer experience.

Collect business insights

Collect customer insights and market data to inform decisions in a cost-effective way using our monthly business omnibus survey – Business Spotlight.

Inform new product development

Identify consumer needs, test concepts and refine messaging to ensure a successful product launch and the longevity of its lifecycle.

We help government agencies:

  • Explore catalysts and barriers to innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Evaluate the impact of schemes or initiatives
  • Monitor business behaviour, attitudes, and performance over time

Why Choose IFF?

We understand your challenges

Our tailored solutions are delivered by business and insight experts, for results with impact.

Tailored solutions to meet your needs

With our experience of diverse research methodologies, you’ll receive the perfect solution to meet your specific needs.

Guaranteed high senior involvement

With two directors overseeing every project you can feel confident in the quality of the results.

“ONS have been working with IFF now for several years, they have proven to be an extremely consistent, reliable and trustworthy data supplier.  IFF have never failed to miss delivery milestones, always achieve targets set by ONS and continue to improve the quality of the research conducted on our behalf, further instilling confidence in ONS that the data quality is high and fit for use in the UK’s national accounts.  Innovation seems deep routed in how IFF operate as demonstrated recently in the development of an online dashboard enabling ONS to view real time ASGS analytics from a distance – further evidence that IFF really are willing to go above and beyond for their customers.”

Daniel Robinson, Surveys and Economic Indicators – ASGS, ONS

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For more information about our specialised business  research please contact our Head of Business & Enterprise, Matt Barnes to discuss your specific research needs.