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The impact of overdrafts on switching current accounts – report launch

10th November 2022/by Sara Fernie-Jones
housing residents

Key takeaways from the Tenant and Resident Engagement conference

25th October 2022/by Sara Fernie-Jones

Exploring Women’s Lived Experience of Gambling and Gambling Harms

7th October 2022/by Cristina Mbunga
IFF Team

Supporting continued growth

6th October 2022/by Cristina Mbunga

Research Intern, Janay Hastings, gives the lowdown on life at IFF

27th September 2022/by Cristina Mbunga

The cost of living crisis – are you hitting the mark?

8th September 2022/by Cristina Mbunga

Integration Area Programme Evaluation – Our findings published

22nd August 2022/by Cristina Mbunga

A Who’s Who of Boris’ Universities Ministers

4th August 2022/by Cristina Mbunga

Coastal Communities Fund: IFF proves positive impact of community projects along the English coast

13th July 2022/by Cristina Mbunga

Our net zero pledge – the story so far

8th July 2022/by Cristina Mbunga
Man at his desk

Apprenticeship Evaluation 2021 results published

6th July 2022/by Cristina Mbunga
Support IFF teams

From Telephone Interviewer to Marketing Assistant: My journey at IFF

23rd June 2022/by Cristina Mbunga
Woman with two children

How can we support social housing customers through the cost-of-living crisis?

16th June 2022/by Cristina Mbunga
Someone writing notes

Scottish Employers’ Perspectives of the labour market in 2021: Scottish Government publishes our research

31st May 2022/by Cristina Mbunga
Man sat at his desk with sun shining through window

Climate Change in Education: time to get to work

27th May 2022/by Cristina Mbunga
Tower block

Social housing stigma: The uncomfortable truth

26th May 2022/by Cristina Mbunga
Student studying on his laptop

DfE’s higher education policy reform – a quick temperature check

25th May 2022/by Cristina Mbunga
Trust and transparency are key drivers of satisfaction

Don’t forget to look under the bonnet

27th April 2022/by Cristina Mbunga

Bucking the trend: Futures evidence how staff engagement is key to improving customer satisfaction

17th March 2022/by Sara Fernie-Jones
covid working from home

Social housing: The impact of external trends on customer satisfaction

15th March 2022/by Sara Fernie-Jones

Using Graduate Index to better prepare graduates for the working world

16th February 2022/by Sara Fernie-Jones
5 benefits of customer journey mapping

Discussing best practice in resident engagement

9th February 2022/by Sara Fernie-Jones
wind power turbines

Beginning our journey to net zero

7th February 2022/by Sara Fernie-Jones
woman standing outside

Building knowledge of women’s lived experience of gambling and gambling harms across Great Britain

22nd December 2021/by Sara Fernie-Jones
comparing Graduate Index with LEO data

Comparing LEO data with Graduate Index

17th December 2021/by Sara Fernie-Jones
Youth Futures Foundation

Tenant satisfaction measures: our reflections on the proposed new measures

15th December 2021/by Sara Fernie-Jones

Where there’s #iwill, there’s a way: Early learnings from IFF’s Evaluation of the Co-op Foundation #iwill Fund

10th December 2021/by Sara Fernie-Jones
school classroom

Schools’ views on multi-academy trusts: DfE research published

1st December 2021/by Sara Fernie-Jones
person cycling to work

Reflections from the MRS Sustainability Summit: Getting our house in order

30th November 2021/by Sara Fernie-Jones
MRS Net Zero Pledge badge

IFF Research signs the MRS Net Zero Pledge, committing to net zero by 2026

10th November 2021/by Sara Fernie-Jones
DfE research helps support schools and pupils and begin educational recovery

DfE research helps support schools and pupils and begin educational recovery

9th November 2021/by Linda Spindley
IFF launches new Energy & Environment sector

IFF launches new Energy & Environment sector

4th November 2021/by Linda Spindley
Youth Futures Foundation

Report calls for CEOs to see youth employment as key part of recovery

22nd October 2021/by Linda Spindley
New commission by DWP to evaluate Kickstart Scheme

New commission by DWP to evaluate Kickstart Scheme

18th October 2021/by Linda Spindley
Welsh Government building blocks

Improving educational outcomes for looked after children: Welsh Government publishes our findings

18th October 2021/by Linda Spindley
Scottish Government Fair Start Programme

Latest research report for the Scottish Government’s Fair Start Programme

14th October 2021/by Linda Spindley

Our inaugural Graduate Index report is published

28th September 2021/by IFF Research
shared best practice understanding and communicating research results to social housing residents

Listening and learning from customer feedback – best practice roundtable summary

23rd September 2021/by Linda Spindley
HM Treasury (HMT) has published the results of their evaluation of the PrizeSaver pilot scheme

HM Treasury (HMT) has published evaluation results from the PrizeSaver pilot scheme

20th August 2021/by Linda Spindley
What is two-way customer journey mapping?

What is two-way customer journey mapping?

17th August 2021/by Linda Spindley
The Department for Work and Pensions and the Department of Health and Social Care have published our report on innovation and knowledge development among occupational health providers. The research explored employer attitudes, approaches to developing knowledge and examples of innovative practice in the sector.

Innovation and knowledge development in occupational health

16th August 2021/by Linda Spindley
Department for Work and Pensions has published our report into claimants’ experiences of completing the Employment Support Allowance (ESA) and Personal Independence Payment (PIP) questionnaires

Providing insight into claimants’ experiences of ESA and PIP

16th August 2021/by Linda Spindley

Flexible Operating Hours Evaluation results published

2nd August 2021/by Linda Spindley
social housing customer communications

Finding the best way to communicate with your customers

26th July 2021/by Linda Spindley
Through our Graduate Index, we capture these broader outcomes and provide a more rounded picture of the impact of higher education

When life presents unexpected choices

23rd July 2021/by Linda Spindley
Trust and transparency are key drivers of satisfaction

Trust and transparency are the new key drivers of satisfaction

5th July 2021/by Linda Spindley

The Equality and Human Rights Commission publishes results of restraint in schools inquiry

1st July 2021/by IFF Research
Why did you go to university?

It’s not just about getting a well-paid job

1st July 2021/by Linda Spindley

Looking through a different lens

23rd June 2021/by IFF Research

Our report on employer skills needs in Scotland is published

27th May 2021/by IFF Research
Higher Education Student

Post-Qualification Admissions: What do students think?

26th May 2021/by IFF Research

Post Qualification Admissions and the tale of two (and a half) models

13th May 2021/by IFF Research
the In-depth assessment (IDA) process is a regulatory tool used by the Regulator of Social Housing (RSH) to gather assurance that registered providers are meeting the expectations of the regulator’s standards particularly the Governance, Financial Viability and Value for Money standards.

Evaluating In-Depth Assessments (IDAs) for the Regulator of Social Housing

19th April 2021/by Linda Spindley
Big 4 US, UK, Australia, and Canada

The revival of the ‘big four’ in international student mobility

7th April 2021/by Linda Spindley
Study of children joining family in England under the Dublin III Regulation

Understanding the experiences of unaccompanied asylum-seeking children joining family in England

9th March 2021/by Linda Spindley

Reframing the student accommodation compensation debate

5th March 2021/by Sara Fernie-Jones
Representation in Research

Creating a culture of inclusivity in research

3rd March 2021/by Linda Spindley
representation in research

Equality, diversity and inclusion in research: Understanding the current picture

3rd March 2021/by Linda Spindley
university students

International Education Strategy: re-visited

25th February 2021/by Sara Fernie-Jones
ombudsman question and answer

Your Social Housing White Paper questions – answered by The Housing Ombudsman

22nd February 2021/by Linda Spindley

Building online student communities: best practice for effective research

16th February 2021/by Sara Fernie-Jones
housing decarbonisation

BEIS launch research into social housing decarbonisation

8th February 2021/by Sara Fernie-Jones

Compensating the Covid class

4th February 2021/by Sara Fernie-Jones
In Conversation with the Housing Ombudsman

A housing hero: The Housing Ombudsman is here to help

1st February 2021/by Linda Spindley

The university challenge: student retention in a Covid world

26th January 2021/by Linda Spindley
Resident engagement is central to the social housing white paper

Resident engagement is central to social housing regulation

22nd January 2021/by Linda Spindley
In conversation with The Regulator for Social Housing

Your Social Housing White Paper questions – answered by The Regulator

19th January 2021/by Linda Spindley
In conversation with The Social Housing Regulator

The Social Housing White Paper – what’s changing?

13th January 2021/by Linda Spindley
higher education insight

Higher education insight guides: recently published

10th December 2020/by Sara Fernie-Jones
university graduate

What do graduates do?

9th December 2020/by David Vivian
Keeping customers and colleagues in the loop

How is customer experience (CX) changing in social housing?

3rd November 2020/by Linda Spindley
Delivering CX

Getting started with your CX strategy in social housing

26th October 2020/by Linda Spindley
CX Customer Experience

How to create great customer experiences in social housing

20th October 2020/by Linda Spindley
covid working from home

Landlords are learning lessons from the Covid-19 lockdowns

15th October 2020/by Linda Spindley
ESS Survey 2019

Employer Skills Survey (ESS) results published

14th October 2020/by Linda Spindley
Baseline STAR Survey

The business case for baselining your STAR survey

8th October 2020/by Linda Spindley
IFF REsearch win Best Operational Excellence award 2020

IFF Research celebrates winning MRS Operational Excellence award

28th September 2020/by Sara Fernie-Jones
pros and cons of in-house research

Deliver research in-house or outsource? Weighing up the pros and cons

8th September 2020/by Linda Spindley

Apprenticeship Employer Incentive Scheme research published

4th August 2020/by Sara Fernie-Jones

Job Retention Bonus unlikely to be a factor in retaining jobs, say UK businesses

29th July 2020/by Sara Fernie-Jones
DfE’s Longitudinal Study of Child and Family Social Workers

DfE’s 5-year Child and Family Social Worker study Wave 2 results published

23rd July 2020/by Linda Spindley

Graduate Outcomes results published

22nd June 2020/by Sara Fernie-Jones

Employee Rights Survey

11th June 2020/by Sara Fernie-Jones
occupational health

Research highlights threats to occupational health provision

3rd June 2020/by Sara Fernie-Jones

Doing more with less: practical solutions for housing providers

2nd June 2020/by Linda Spindley
ROI in customer feedback programmes

Measuring return on investment in housing research

27th May 2020/by Linda Spindley

Research findings on the impact of the COVID pandemic on UK business

14th May 2020/by Sara Fernie-Jones

The impact of the coronavirus on social housing: Part 2

30th April 2020/by Sara Fernie-Jones
Social Housing Event Engagement into Action

Customer journey mapping in social housing: See your services through your customers eyes

21st April 2020/by Sara Fernie-Jones
business team

45% of the UK workforce furloughed amid COVID-19 pandemic

17th April 2020/by Sara Fernie-Jones

Evaluating processes and impact in social housing

15th April 2020/by Sara Fernie-Jones

Coronavirus in social housing: sharing solutions

8th April 2020/by Sara Fernie-Jones
Business impact

Half of UK businesses very concerned about the impact of Coronavirus

31st March 2020/by Sara Fernie-Jones
Further Resources

Large scale apprenticeship evaluation research for DfE recently published

27th March 2020/by Linda Spindley
Engaging with dispersed residents

Listening widely: Engaging with geographically dispersed residents

25th March 2020/by Linda Spindley
supporting wellbeing

Adjusting to a new normal: protecting your wellbeing

24th March 2020/by Sara Fernie-Jones
Tackling stigma in social housing

How can social housing providers tackle stigma?

19th March 2020/by Linda Spindley
Jenny Osbourne MBE Keynote Address

From Engagement to Action: Bringing About Positive Change in Social Housing

11th March 2020/by Linda Spindley

Shining a light on student accommodation

20th February 2020/by Linda Spindley
Customer Trust

Improving financial wellbeing: MaPS’ launch 10 year strategy

28th January 2020/by Linda Spindley
How to write an effective research brief

How to write an effective research brief

22nd January 2020/by Linda Spindley
Social Housing Reputation Matters

Perception is reality: Why reputation matters in social housing

13th January 2020/by Linda Spindley
Customer Trust

The heart of the matter: measuring your Customer Trust Score

9th January 2020/by Linda Spindley
mentoring young people

Realising the value of volunteering

7th January 2020/by Linda Spindley
Scottish Employer Perspectives Survey 2019

Scottish Employer Perspectives Survey: 2019

2nd January 2020/by Linda Spindley
Merry Christmas from IFF Research

Looking back and looking ahead: The IFF Research Year in Review

19th December 2019/by Linda Spindley

Solving Research & Policy Problems Creatively

16th December 2019/by Sara Fernie-Jones

What matters most: eliminating effort within social housing

11th December 2019/by Linda Spindley
Real world research with Middlesex University

Real-world practicalities of survey research at Middlesex University

25th November 2019/by Linda Spindley
financial capability

Why we need to be talking more about financial wellbeing

21st November 2019/by Sara Fernie-Jones
Talk Money Talk Pensions

The Elephant in the Room: Talking about Money and Pensions

18th November 2019/by Linda Spindley
Effective resolution of complaints

How to undertake a complaints process review in social housing

13th November 2019/by Linda Spindley
Tackling graduate unemployment in Wider Europe - Group of People

Harnessing data to improve graduate outcomes: Working Futures

28th October 2019/by Linda Spindley
graduate destinations

Harnessing data to improve graduate outcomes: Planning for Success

24th October 2019/by Sara Fernie-Jones

Harnessing data to improve graduate outcomes: learning analytics

22nd October 2019/by Linda Spindley

Harnessing data to improve graduate outcomes: Employer Skills Survey

16th October 2019/by Linda Spindley
construction industry

Examining employment and skills challenges in the construction sector

10th October 2019/by Sara Fernie-Jones
Creative Spark Big Idea Challenge Award Winners.

Launch of Creative Spark Year 2

12th September 2019/by Linda Spindley

Investigating a new educational landscape with Creative Spark

29th August 2019/by Sara Fernie-Jones

DfE’s 2019 Employer Skills Survey in full swing

21st August 2019/by Linda Spindley

Landmark new study publishes first insights to help keep children safe

12th August 2019/by Linda Spindley
Future Frontiers and IFF working together

Making time to make a difference

1st August 2019/by Linda Spindley

What does it take to be a market researcher?

9th July 2019/by Sara Fernie-Jones

How lenders can better support the high street mortgage broker

28th May 2019/by IFF Research
Support services for disabled people

Entrepreneurs with disabilities need more support – Findings of an IFF Research report, commissioned by the DWP

20th May 2019/by Sara Fernie-Jones

IFF Research and Voluntas Join Forces to Improve the Quality of Housing Provision

14th May 2019/by Sara Fernie-Jones

Paying for Postgraduate Study – Findings from our evaluation of The Master’s Degree Loan Scheme

13th May 2019/by IFF Research

IFF’s stakeholder perception audit report published by the Nursing and Midwifery Council

10th May 2019/by Jane Thompson

Data re-sight: the answer for HE strategic planning?

8th May 2019/by IFF Research
Tackling graduate unemployment in Wider Europe - Group of People

Tackling graduate unemployment in Wider Europe

1st May 2019/by Richard Everitt (External)

What employers want: Understanding the employer perspective on graduate skills

24th April 2019/by Andrew Skone-James

Seeing beyond the Fog: University Horizon Scanning of the Future Labour Market

17th April 2019/by IFF Research

Reflections on the use of labour market data in Higher Education (HE)

14th April 2019/by David Vivian

IFF Research leads redevelopment of the UK Employer Skills Survey for the Department for Education

12th April 2019/by Genna Kik

IFF’s report on Corporate Strategy and Stakeholder Research published by the General Medical Council

8th April 2019/by Jane Thompson

IFF’s sixth report on research among post-16 providers published by DfE

7th March 2019/by Mark Winterbotham

IFF’s School Snapshot Study report published by the DfE

1st February 2019/by Mark Winterbotham

Deciding where to study – Findings from IFF’s high profile evaluation of the TEF

18th January 2019/by Andrew Skone-James

“Putting customers at the heart” in Financial Services organisations

7th December 2018/by IFF Research

Seven aspects of engagement pilot (Qualitative Evaluation) – Findings from IFF and the University of Derby published by the Department for Education

27th November 2018/by IFF Research

Social inequality in a post-truth world: How evidence could have turned the referendum

27th November 2018/by IFF Research

Creative Spark: IFF’s Elizabeth Shepherd contributes to Higher Education Enterprise event in Georgia

20th November 2018/by IFF Research

A collaborative search for equality: IFF’s crucial Pregnancy and Maternity Discrimination findings shared at Brussels seminar

8th November 2018/by Katie Oldfield

Perceptions of the UK’s unique Higher Education offer – views from international students

2nd November 2018/by IFF Research

Delivering effective tracking surveys in financial services

26th October 2018/by IFF Research

Financial Services Forum Event: The future is bright for Challenger Banks

23rd October 2018/by IFF Research

Investigating alternative provision – Findings from high profile IFF study published by the Department for Education

19th October 2018/by Mark Winterbotham

IFF Seminar: Dividing Lines The Role Of Evidence In Reducing Social Inequality

12th October 2018/by IFF Research

Delivering agile insight: IFF’s approach to fast and flexible Financial Services research

18th September 2018/by IFF Research

IFF ‘Highly Commended’ at the MRS Operations Awards for Best Data Collection (Online)

14th September 2018/by IFF Research

IFF works with EAIE to launch comprehensive study on the state of internationalisation in Europe

11th September 2018/by Andrew Skone-James

ESS 2017: The UK Employer Skills Survey has been published by the Department for Education

16th August 2018/by Mark Winterbotham

IFF nominated for two MRS Operations Awards for Data Collection (Online and Telephone)

3rd August 2018/by IFF Research

One company: IFF’s move to London Bridge represents more than just a change of scenery

2nd August 2018/by IFF Research

IFF launches ‘Bright Ideas’ Financial Services insight portal

27th July 2018/by IFF Research

A global comparison of national student surveys: IFF at the Advance Higher Education Training and Learning Conference

13th July 2018/by IFF Research

The Truth About Research – How to uncover what people really think?

12th July 2018/by IFF Research

Can effective financial decisions be made without human interaction?

6th July 2018/by IFF Research

IFF’s experienced team experience the FS Customer Experience conference!

6th July 2018/by IFF Research

IFF Seminar: The Truth About Research – How to uncover what people really think?

1st June 2018/by IFF Research

The Role of Robo-Advice in the Investment Market

25th May 2018/by IFF Research
financial capability

IFF Research is sharing research insights hot off the press at the Financial Services Customer Experience conference

24th May 2018/by IFF Research
Monitoring, mystery shopping customers

Measuring the quality of a Higher Education experience: a complex product co-produced by the consumer

9th May 2018/by IFF Research

50 years in the making: IFF’s journey from 1965 – 2018!

4th May 2018/by IFF Research

IFF hire super 6 in a busy April!

30th April 2018/by IFF Research

Moving on to bigger and brighter things! IFF will be moving premises in May 2018

25th April 2018/by IFF Research

What is the best way to approach qualitative research? Is it time to get “Back to Basics”?

20th April 2018/by Alistair Kuechel

Department for Education publish two user experience reports featuring research from IFF

4th April 2018/by IFF Research

Digital consumers shine a light on future pension needs

27th March 2018/by IFF Research

Feeling the love: Feedback from some of our not so secret admirers

16th February 2018/by IFF Research

Keeping it real: Key considerations for engaging, empowering and inspiring Generation Z

30th January 2018/by IFF Research

IFF expands their Higher Education team with hire of new Director

23rd January 2018/by IFF Research

What have smart speakers, Open Banking and a Paul Hollywood bread bin got in common?

16th January 2018/by IFF Research

Video: Understanding ESS: A practical guide to using Employer Skills Survey data

10th January 2018/by Andrew Skone-James

The changing shape of digital financial consumers

8th January 2018/by IFF Research

Does relationship advice help new parents overcome a decline in relationship quality?

8th January 2018/by IFF Research

Apprenticeships: Lessons from the 2017 Evaluation survey

19th December 2017/by Andrew Skone-James

IFF Research launches its Fintech Beacon: How to really understand the new digital-only customer?

7th December 2017/by IFF Research

The 2017 MRS Awards: A glitzy and glamorous evening but IFF come away empty handed

5th December 2017/by IFF Research

All we want for Xmas this year is an MRS Best Place to Work Award

1st December 2017/by Jan Shury

Research futures seminar summary: The future is closer than you think – what technology means for research

30th November 2017/by Libby Eastwood

Millennials running UK businesses are better prepared for the future

28th November 2017/by IFF Research

Will Robots Take My Job? Future Skills and the 4th Industrial Revolution

15th November 2017/by Rowan Foster

Why aren’t consumers open to Open Banking?

14th November 2017/by IFF Research

IFF make two senior appointments to Learning and Skills team

19th October 2017/by IFF Research

IFF Seminar: The Future is Closer Than You Think – What Technology Means for Research (23rd November 2017)

18th October 2017/by IFF Research

How can you use insight from businesses to improve upcoming events and conferences?

12th October 2017/by Alice Large

State of the Nation 2017: Careers and Enterprise Provision in England’s Schools report published

11th October 2017/by Mark Winterbotham

Results from large-scale survey conducted by IFF, on behalf of CITB, have been released

11th October 2017/by Mark Winterbotham

High demand, not enough access: The road to growing the UK retail impact investment market

10th October 2017/by IFF Research

Former Ipsos Director, Georgina Clarke, joins IFF’s Financial Services team

9th October 2017/by IFF Research

Conference review: IFF deliver two workshops at the AGCAS Annual Conference 2017

21st September 2017/by Andrew Skone-James

IFF sponsor Crystal Palace U14 Ladies Academy of Excellence 2017/18

20th September 2017/by IFF Research

What is an omnibus survey?

23rd August 2017/by Alice Large

Longitudinal DLHE survey published by HESA

14th August 2017/by Jan Shury

‘Achievers and leavers: Barriers and opportunities for people entering construction’ Research from IFF used to inform CITB white paper

10th August 2017/by Mark Winterbotham

The Oppies are back! Return of IFF sponsored MRS Operational Awards

2nd August 2017/by IFF Research

How can market research reduce commercial risk?

1st August 2017/by Alice Large

Apprenticeship pay, minimum wage rates and why these matter

19th July 2017/by Mark Winterbotham

New report published: Understanding the experiences of over 50s following redundancy

4th July 2017/by IFF Research

News: Apprenticeship numbers likely to fall

29th June 2017/by Mark Winterbotham

UK Employer Perspectives Survey 2016

28th June 2017/by Genna Kik

Benefits of a telephone survey vs. online panel

28th June 2017/by Alice Large

A robust guiding principle in a turbulent time?

19th June 2017/by Angus Tindle

How the HE Sector responds to Brexit

6th June 2017/by Rowan Foster

Conducting B2B market research on a small budget

25th May 2017/by Alice Large

Harnessing insights in Financial Services

25th May 2017/by Alistair Kuechel

Evidence Matters Event Summary

19th May 2017/by Rowan Foster

The Art of Translating Evidence

2nd May 2017/by Rowan Foster

A healthy future for healthcare research

28th April 2017/by IFF Research

Graduates’ career planning outcomes

5th April 2017/by Catherine Turner

Assessing communications in Financial Services

23rd March 2017/by IFF Research

3 key considerations for online qualitative research

15th March 2017/by Libby Eastwood

4 Key Concerns about the Pension Dashboard 2017

15th March 2017/by IFF Research

Apprenticeships across the UK

13th March 2017/by Rowan Foster

Graduate Employment Conference Review

27th January 2017/by Jan Shury

Education and Skills in 2017

26th January 2017/by Mark Winterbotham

Retirement choices: No perfect answer

24th January 2017/by IFF Research

The role of evidence in uncertainty

13th January 2017/by IFF Research

The opportunities presented by uncertainty

24th November 2016/by Rowan Foster
Social Housing

Londoners’ reliance on their homes in retirement

7th November 2016/by IFF Research

How will employers respond to the apprenticeship levy?

25th October 2016/by Mark Winterbotham

Skills gap in the construction sector

24th October 2016/by IFF Research

UK regulations and business success

21st October 2016/by IFF Research

Assessing the role of evidence in times of uncertainty

18th October 2016/by IFF Research

National Student Survey update

30th September 2016/by IFF Research

Making a difference at IFF Research

30th September 2016/by IFF Research

IFF Values: Being Human First

31st August 2016/by IFF Research

Unique Insight into Welsh Businesses Published

23rd August 2016/by Rowan Foster

IFF shortlisted for two MRS Operations Awards

10th August 2016/by IFF Research

IFF Values: remaining impartial in the research industry

29th July 2016/by IFF Research

Intro to the Teaching Excellence Framework

29th July 2016/by IFF Research

EHC Experience pilot survey results

13th July 2016/by IFF Research

Predicting the Future in Uncertain Times

13th July 2016/by Angus Tindle

Remaining impartial in the research industry

30th June 2016/by IFF Research

How will UK businesses react to Brexit?

30th June 2016/by IFF Research

Brexit – What next for the UK?

24th June 2016/by Matt Barnes

IFF Directors predict the outcome of the EU Referendum

22nd June 2016/by IFF Research

To Remain or to Brexit: Business opinions

8th June 2016/by Matt Barnes

IFF Report on Enterprise Finance Guarantee

2nd June 2016/by Angus Tindle

Careers Education and Advice Forum update

31st May 2016/by Mark Winterbotham

Growth continues at IFF Research

27th May 2016/by IFF Research

Effective usability testing and the future of UX

20th May 2016/by Alistair Kuechel

Benefits–in-work conditionality for Universal Credit

20th May 2016/by Rowan Foster

SFA / BIS Apprenticeship dissemination event

16th May 2016/by IFF Research

4 tips for creating an effective partnership

11th May 2016/by IFF Research

How policy change is impacting retirement saving

6th May 2016/by IFF Research

The Lifetime ISA impacts

23rd March 2016/by IFF Research

Maternity discrimination report published

22nd March 2016/by Mark Winterbotham

Business opinion increasingly divided over EU future

18th March 2016/by Matt Barnes

An innovative approach to employer research

11th March 2016/by IFF Research

The Employer Skills Survey: the largest B2B survey in the world

4th March 2016/by IFF Research

The Employer Skills Survey: Learning about the skills market

3rd March 2016/by Mark Winterbotham

2 million UK workers are working below their potential

1st March 2016/by Rowan Foster

The largest B2B survey in the world?

19th February 2016/by David Vivian

All about the Apprenticeship Levy

16th February 2016/by Mark Winterbotham

Investing in mental and physical healthcare

10th February 2016/by IFF Research

ESS15: The launch of the Employers Skills Survey

2nd February 2016/by David Vivian

Offering Private Medical Insurance as a benefit

20th January 2016/by IFF Research
Gill Stewart, Associate Director

How small changes can make a difference for respondents

15th January 2016/by Gill Stewart

Professional service providers need to think small

6th January 2016/by Matt Barnes

IFF wins MRS Healthcare Research Award

11th December 2015/by IFF Research

The dangers of caution in retirement planning

10th December 2015/by IFF Research

ISBE Conference Review

19th November 2015/by IFF Research

IFF Business Omnibus update

16th November 2015/by Matt Barnes

How are pension reforms changing retirement?

10th November 2015/by IFF Research

How banks can help Britain’s small businesses?

13th October 2015/by IFF Research

Support, don’t sell: Banks must add value if they wish to rebuild trust

30th September 2015/by IFF Research

All to play for as businesses split over EU debate

28th September 2015/by Jane Thompson

IFF Report: Annual Tax on Enveloped Dwellings

23rd September 2015/by Alistair Kuechel

The NHS in 2015: The Health & Care Innovation Expo

11th September 2015/by Matt Barnes
BIS Apprenticeship Pay Survey Case study

SMEs, Exports and The Bribery Act

9th September 2015/by Rob Warren

Tube Strikes: Public perceptions

26th August 2015/by IFF Research

Apprenticeships from the employer perspective

12th August 2015/by Mark Winterbotham

IFF celebrates 50 years

5th August 2015/by IFF Research

Improving Financial Literacy

5th August 2015/by Angus Tindle

The July 2105 Budget and the research industry

30th July 2015/by IFF Research

IFF Conference Review

23rd July 2015/by Matt Barnes

IFF Conference Review: Innovation and insurance

14th July 2015/by Alistair Kuechel

Challenging stereotypes in welfare

14th July 2015/by Angus Tindle

IFF Celebrates 50th Birthday

9th July 2015/by IFF Research

The competitive spirit

9th July 2015/by Rob Warren

Improving care for dementia sufferers

9th July 2015/by IFF Research
Satisfaction NHS Direct users

Illuminating the needs of employers

9th July 2015/by Angus Tindle
Regulation, SMEs

A necessary burden

17th June 2015/by Rob Warren
Monitoring, mystery shopping customers

Out of the Shadows…

17th June 2015/by IFF Research