UK workplace pension provider: B2B Customer Experience Tracking

An ongoing monthly survey tracking business customer’s onboarding journey and continuing experience.

How did IFF illuminate the facts with research?

One of the critical moments of truth for business customers is the onboarding journey with financial providers. Due to automatic enrolment, there are now large numbers of businesses having to set up pensions for their employees that previously would not have been required to. As such, our client has a clear aim of making the onboarding journey as intuitive and easy as possible.

To pinpoint improvements and areas of weakness we conduct c600 online interviews per month with businesses. Key measures of the survey include ease of interaction, exploration of the digital experience, as well as overarching measures of satisfaction and NPS.

When IFF took over the administration of the programme we were also required to ensure the integrity of trend data by aligning our methodology as closely as possible with the previous provider. We were able to seamlessly take over the running of this research with no negative impact on trends or data volatility due to modal effect.

Additional added value is created by:

  • Regular stakeholder workshops to align surveys to the research and business goals of the provider.
  • A consultative approach to reporting based around story-telling techniques, integrating both qualitative and quantitative elements.

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