Benefits of a telephone survey vs. online panel

Survey research

There is a growing culture of impatience in the modern world. With the development of technology, communications and service standards across the world we are accustomed to getting what we want, when we want it – and why not?

If we can get the output we want now rather than later it makes perfect sense for us to do so, but what if the quality of the output is affected? This is often the case when it comes to research.

In recent years, the emergence of online panels as a quick and ‘cost-effective’ alternative to telephone survey research has seen increased pressure on turnaround and costs at the sacrifice of quality. In this blog, we discuss the benefits of telephone surveys over online panels when conducting business market research.

Telephone survey

As with any project, it is essential that you are speaking to the right people when conducting B2B market research. The reason online panels are able to turn around data more quickly than a telephone survey is because the respondents are pre-recruited to take part in regular rounds of research. Even if you control for characteristics such as size and sector, there is an unseen bias here – people who join online panels and regularly participate are different to the population at large. They are seasoned participants who are conditioned in the way surveys work – and they are taking part because they are being paid to do so. In the case of Business Spotlight, our business omnibus research solution, we guarantee fresh sample data on every wave. Besides, we still turn around results very quickly once the telephone survey stage in the process has been completed.

B2B market research

At IFF Research, we believe in being human first, and we feel that in removing the human element from proceedings you take away a key component of the process when it comes to B2B market research. A skilled telephone interviewer will be able to communicate in a way that puts respondents at ease, picking up information that may otherwise go overlooked or unnoticed.

Online Panels

There is a big difference between something being cost effective and something being cheap. Although a telephone survey will cost a bit more than an online panel, it offers far greater value for money in terms of the quality of output. The quality of output is essential when it comes to business market research, when the findings and insights will have a profound impact on the decision-making process when it comes to policy, planning and strategy.

Business Spotlight

Alice Stratton manages IFF’s Business Spotlight and is responsible for discussing briefs, establishing needs and agreeing budgets – if you would like to find out more about our business omnibus telephone surveys, please contact her to discuss your requirements in more detail. She will explain all the various options we offer to achieve your commercial goals.








Alice Stratton
Associate Director