One company: IFF’s move to London Bridge represents more than just a change of scenery

We are now well and truly settled into our London Bridge office as we move towards the end of an amazing summer at IFF. Our relocation not only provided an opportunity to optimise our working environment with clever, collaborative working spaces and our own onsite viewing facility but more importantly allows us to operate together as one company across a single floor. Throughout our time in Hoxton our business was split across four floors and despite an open and collaborative relationship between staff in our research and operations teams (we have been nominated for two MRS awards this year for collaborative research projects) there was an unavoidable physical barrier between departments.

One of the hallmarks of IFF’s approach is ‘being human first’ in relation to clients, survey respondents but also crucially between our own people and we are delighted to have everyone working and interacting in one space once again.

Our offices were unveiled to clients and the wider research community at our summer research seminar, ‘The Truth About Research – How to Uncover What People Really Think’, in early July but for those of you who have yet to visit, here are few images as well as a short message from our Managing Director Jan Shury on the thinking behind our office design.