Graduate Index: Measure graduate success in a holistic way

Until now the reporting of successful higher education outcomes has focused mainly on employment; how many graduates are in paid work, whether they’re in ‘professional’ occupations, and what salary they earn. But this only showcases a part of the impact higher education can have.

That’s where our Graduate Index comes in. It’s designed to shine a spotlight on the broader outcomes that graduates achieve – looking at personal and social measures such as confidence, resilience and fulfilment – to give you a holistic view of how the higher education experience shapes the lives of graduates.

What is Graduate Index?

Graduate Index is a tool that measures graduates’ successes across seven social and personal measures:

The data generated from the survey is used to assign every graduate an ‘index score’.

Through our interactive dashboard, you’ll be able to:

  • Access index scores across all seven areas in an accessible, easily digestible way
  • Compare scores by a range of options including subject, gender, mode of study, level of study and key widening participation characteristics
  • View and download your institution’s full data set which will include responses to the specific questions that make up the index areas as well other questions in the survey such as occupation

Click here to download the full Graduate Index report

‘I welcome the Graduate Index as it recognises there’s more to a degree than just the job or money at the end of it.’

Aashish Khadia, Director of Planning at the University of Leicester, on The Wonkhe Show

How can your institution benefit?

Use Graduate Index data to understand what success really means to your graduates and the wider impact of the higher education experience you offer.

  • Student recruitment

    Sell the student experience that you offer to prospective students in a more rounded and impactful way

  • The wider picture

    Provide important context to existing datasets like Graduate Outcomes and LEO

  • Considered careers advice

    Offer valuable and powerful careers advice based on real-life experiences of fulfilled graduates

  • Alumni networks

    Develop and strengthen alumni networks through a better understanding of what matters to your graduates