Health & Wellbeing

Amid a global pandemic and vaccination programme delivered at pace, our already stretched health system is under significant pressure. We work with a range of organisations to understand the experiences of healthcare professionals and deliver research into the effectiveness of programmes that are looking to build recovery.

Broader concerns about the wellbeing of the nation persist as the pandemic has placed ever-greater pressures on family relationships and on mental health, and reduced the opportunities for many to engage with sport and exercise. We have extensive experience of researching all aspects of wellbeing to help you develop effective policies that better support your service users.

How we help

Stakeholder research

Our expertise in the design, execution and dissemination of complex stakeholder feedback studies will help you inform and evaluate organisational strategies.

Research into disability and mental health

Our specialist health researchers can help you research the lived experiences of individuals with physical and mental health conditions.

Programme evaluation

Understand the effectiveness of programmes to help improve health or wellbeing outcomes for adults and children, using qualitative process evaluations to randomised controls and everything in between.

Seldom-heard audiences

We can help you access and interview a wide range of hard-to-reach audiences ranging from politicians and CEOs to the homeless and those with alcohol or drug dependencies.

Why choose IFF Research?

We understand your challenges

Research delivered by subject experts, who understand the health and wellbeing sector and the challenges you face

Solutions tailored to your needs

With expertise across a full suite of research methodologies, you’ll receive a tailored solution that meets your organisation’s needs. We are large enough to be able to offer a full range of qualitative and quantitative approaches

Insightful reporting

We adapt our reporting approach to meet your specific needs ensuring that data is presented in the way that suits you best

Our clients

To find out more

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