Policy Research is key for governmental departments and NDPBs in order to track and develop programmes so their impact can be optimised.

Policy Research has been part of IFF’s core offering since we were founded in 1965 and our extensive experience, along with the relationships we have built over that time, ensures that we remain one of the UK’s top tier research organisations for this type of insight.

We know that Policy Research can be complex, and we pride ourselves in being able to provide robust yet simple solutions to meet your requirements.

Our proven ability to access hard-to-reach respondents gives you a solid foundation on which to track and assess the perception and overall effectiveness of your current and proposed policies among businesses and individuals.

This will allow you to understand why a policy is or isn’t working, fine tune it for the future and predict how people and companies may react to changing situations.

Policy Research covers a wide range of areas and we understand that at you need a flexible research partner to meet your needs. This involves employing a bespoke range of suitable methodologies, including telephone research, face-to-face interviews and random control trials.

We are able to implement these methods in order to produce a snapshot of current sentiment, or we can assess the longer-term impacts of a policy over a number of years in order to help you to simplify complex issues.


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