New Product Development research is vital for any organisation seeking to satisfy the changing needs of its customers.

This can encompass identifying unmet customer needs and generating new ideas. You can also test your product concepts to understand which appeal most, and how these can be refined.

The quality of your research can make or break a concept or product. When clients need thorough and reliable insight for New Product Development, IFF Research is on hand to provide it.

With years of experience across a range of sectors, we know what questions to ask in order to gather vital data for your business. Often, this is based on qualitative research involving focus groups and in-depth interviews, but we can also provide quantitative solutions to new product development when appropriate.

This is at the heart of IFF’s offering – across all the sectors that we serve we provide the detailed, tailored research programmes that get to the heart of your particular requirements. Whatever stage of the New Product Development process you’re at, we can provide the solution.


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