• Evaluation Research

    We design robust and proportionate evaluations, fit for the real world

    IFF Research Solutions Evaluation Research

Evaluation research measures performance – of tools, projects, programmes, and policies. It is essential for delivering good public policy and programmes.

We bring together methodologists and policy specialists to design robust and proportionate evaluations, fit for the real world. We can help you understand not just whether something works, but also how it works, and how it could be improved.

We work across the public, academic and voluntary sectors on a range of evaluations – from small pilot evaluations and feasibility studies to some of the most complex and sensitive process and impact evaluations.

How we help

  • Bespoke evaluation designs, tailored to your needs

    We draw on a range of tried and tested evaluation techniques to develop and deliver a design that works for you, and ultimately, society. We work with specialist partners to help you understand impacts – positive and negative, intended and unintended, direct and indirect – and what caused any change. This can support you in making decisions about sustaining or scaling up a programme.

  • Maximising the impact of your work through meaningful stakeholder and beneficiary engagement

    Our evaluation designs are tailored to not just your objectives, but also to the unique needs of the services, stakeholders and beneficiaries that are essential for understanding whether something works, and why. This means we’re better able to capture a range of voices, including those which are often not heard, to help you shape solutions.

  • Communicating complex insights to range of audiences

    From standard reports to creative and innovation dissemination, we’ll work with you to create outputs that communicate complex, highly technical data in an accessible way to all your audiences.

“IFF have gone beyond selling us research. They are able to tread the delicate line between being supportive and patronising. They give us advice and draw on other examples in similar work that really helps us make informed decisions. I’ve felt all along that IFF get it. Their degree of understanding of the landscape we are operating in is impressive.”

Louise Snelders, Funding and Contracts Manager, The Co-op Foundation