Effective government requires effective policy making, which in turn requires policy-makers to have a clear understanding of how and why policies have the impacts that they do.

High quality, robust Evaluation Research is key to assessing whether and why policies have been implemented as intended and/or delivered the expected results.

Providing this trusted Evaluation Research is a key specialism for IFF, so you can be assured of highly experienced researchers with a wealth of policy knowledge, and experience in tried and tested methodologies that will deliver relevant measurement and insights.

These might include in-depth interviews with participants in pilot programmes, in order to make refinements before a wider roll-out, or robust quantitative measurement, to provide a balanced assessment of attitudes to existing policies and their impact.

We are particularly proud of our ability to engage with harder-to-reach and vulnerable groups, in order to ensure that their voices are heard in resultant policy decisions.

IFF provides robust evidence upon which important decisions can be taken, with years of experience of high-profile, in-depth research of a highly technical nature. Because the programmes we evaluate often evolve within a complex stakeholder context and change during their lifetime (in part because of emerging research findings) it is critical that the research of the policies and programmes is flexible.

IFF has a proven track record as a reliable, agile research partner, able to tailor solutions to specific organisational needs.

We provide a full range of services in-house, while for some studies we choose to partner with specialist academics and research institutes to ensure you receive the best results.


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