Research by our Communications Development & Testing team allows organisations to evaluate the effectiveness of their messaging – and to identify improvements so that messages resonate better with their audiences.

Your customers can find themselves being flooded with messages from different organisations and via many channels. IFF Research has the skills to help you rise above the noise, with high quality Communications Development & Testing solutions.

IFF is able to provide insightful Communications Development & Testing research in any of our specialist sectors, with experience of working on many ground-breaking campaigns.

Our research solutions are tailored to you, using tried and tested methodologies appropriate to the audience, so you can be certain of their reliability. Our qualitative discussions help develop your campaign, identifying its positive and negative aspects, while our surveys measure campaign performance. All our studies are delivered with the flexibility to change tack depending on your needs – or on unforeseen circumstances that may affect the audience being researched.

With IFF Research, you gain a full service for Communications Development & Testing, including the ability to engage with your intended audience before and after a campaign, to track effectiveness over time, and to monitor ROI.