• Behavioural Insight

    Giving you the tools to better understand your audience

Behavioural insight gives you the tools to better understand your customers, stakeholders, businesses or members of the public. It can bring clarity to their needs, wants and motivations, as well as how they experience your products or services.

This can give you a deeper understanding of their behaviour and how it can be influenced. You can also use behavioural insight to hone your product or service, and tailor your offer or communications to different groups of people.

How we help

  • Segmentations and personas

    We work with you to design and deliver segmentations of customers, stakeholders, businesses or the public. We’ll show you how these fall into distinct types, with different attitudes, needs and wants. We’re expert in bringing these to life for you through personas and highlighting the opportunities to tailor your approach to each segment.

  • Deep dives

    Our in-depth qualitative research can help you get under the skin of how your customers experience your products or services. Using our deep dives to see things from the customer point of view can help you understand how to hone your offer – and help you make the case for doing so.

  • Using specialist expertise to get actionable insight

    We’re expert in applying behavioural economics (and other specialisms, such as semiotics and ethnography) to our research in practical ways. This helps us go deeper into what makes people tick, and helps you understand how to be more influential and persuasive.

“The audience research component of the project, carried out by IFF, offered incredible insights. Not only did the final report and recommendations inform the brand… but it continues to inform the work we do on a day-to-day basis. My experience of working with … IFF was very rewarding and I would not hesitate to recommend them for other projects of this kind.”

Meghan Rainsberry, Communications Manager, the Centre for Longitudinal Studies, UCL Institute of Education