Chosen by our team, IFF’s Rules of the Game bring our Values to life, reflecting how we work and interact with one another, both internally and with our partners and clients.

Having a set of ‘behaviours’ helps us keep track of what’s important to us all in terms of how we want to be together. They’re also an invaluable guide for new starters, potential new starters and our recruitment team to demonstrate the IFF culture – something we’re very proud of and work hard to maintain and protect.

Our Rules of the Game

  • Take pride in every piece of work

  • When you can, say ‘yes’

  • And when you‘ve said ’yes’ deliver (well, and on time)

  • Respect that everyone has lives outside of work; share the load and look out for each other

  • Keep your head out of the sand; be brave enough to anticipate and share problems

  • Make it safe for everyone to have a voice

  • Be proactive, don’t wait to be told

  • Consult and collaborate; remember we’re all working towards the same thing

  • Think critically and challenge the easy option

  • Smile and be friendly; welcome new faces

  • Thank, praise and give feedback

  • Be genuine in your communication - honest in content, authentically ‘you’ in style

  • Stay calm, kind and constructive when it’s hardest to do so

  • Be who you are, wear what you want, but be brilliant