IFF’s rules of the game explore what our values mean practically, day to day, for everyone, as we speak to each other, speak to clients, and carry out our work. Having a set of ‘behaviours” helps us to keep track of what’s important to us all in terms of how we want to work; they are an invaluable guide for new starters, potential new starters and our recruitment team.

Our rules of the game:

  • Take pride in every piece of work

  • When you can, say ‘yes’

  • And when you‘ve said ’yes’ deliver (well, and on time)

  • Respect that everyone has lives outside of work; share the load and look out for each other

  • Keep your head out of the sand; be brave enough to anticipate and share problems

  • Make it safe for everyone to have a voice

  • Be proactive, don’t wait to be told

  • Consult and collaborate; remember we’re all working towards the same thing

  • Think critically and challenge the easy option

  • Smile and be friendly; welcome new faces

  • Thank, praise and give feedback

  • Be genuine in your communication - honest in content, authentically ‘you’ in style

  • Stay calm, kind and constructive when it’s hardest to do so

  • Be who you are, wear what you want, but be brilliant