IFF Research conducts phone surveys, delivered on behalf of clients, by our professional team of telephone interviewers. We also send interviewers to conduct interviews in person. If you’ve been contacted by our team and have questions about our research practices the following answers to some common questions might help.

Why did IFF call me at work?

You may have received a call from us, and if you did we wanted to talk to you about a genuine market research study commissioned by one of our clients. Either they provided your details or we obtained them from commercial listings.

We specifically called you at work, as we are interested in your opinions as a professional, rather than as a consumer.

Why did IFF call me at home?

We called to invite you to take part in a genuine market research study. This may be regarding any of a wide selection of subjects, for example your experiences of a particular organisation, or products or services you have recently used.

Our client may have provided your details, or we may be using Random Digital Dialling to gain a representative sample of the population so that the insight we gain is a true reflection of general experiences.


My number is registered with the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) to prevent cold calling, so why is IFF calling me?

The TPS is in place to prevent companies calling to offer you a product or service – IFF Research will never call you to offer these. We will only contact you to invite you to participate in genuine market research studies.


How do I know that information I give to IFF is safe and confidential?

We take our responsibility towards security and confidentiality very seriously, and, as a company partner of the Market Research Society, adhere to their code of conduct. You can find full details here.

IFF Research interviewers will always provide details about what the study is about and how the information will be used. You can of course choose not to take part or to answer specific questions. And you can change your mind about taking part in the survey at any time.

To check our credentials, you can contact the Market Research Society.


What should I do if an IFF interviewer is late?

Punctuality is very important to us, but if an IFF Research interviewer is late due to reasons beyond our control, please call us on 020 7250 3035.


What if I have questions or feedback for IFF?

If you have questions not listed here – or if you would like to provide general feedback – please contact us: info@iffresearch.com