Creating an inclusive workforce and a culture of respect and acceptance is embedded in our company values and Rules of the Game. We encourage everyone at IFF to be their full, authentic selves, and strongly believe that it’s this individuality which makes us such a strong team.

Adding our pronouns to our email signature enables others to avoid assuming one another’s gender. It also helps both our fellow colleagues and contacts external to IFF feel more comfortable sharing their own pronouns with one another, which in turn can help us avoid misgendering others.

In conversations we’ve frequently heard, people ask why those who are cisgender (whose gender aligns with the sex they were assigned with) need to add pronouns; or what value this might bring. We believe in the importance of allyship. And that, by more of us adding pronouns, regardless of the gender with which we align, helps create a safe working environment for all.

Please note that adding personal pronouns to signatures for IFF colleagues is a personal choice and there is no obligation for colleagues to share their personal pronouns if they would rather not.