Hello there,

I’m Jan Shury

Father of four, Manchester United fanatic and Francophile

A little bit of what I do

I became managing director at IFF Research in 2007 having worked in the market research industry (on and off) since the early 90’s. As a business leader, my focus is on providing direction of travel, making sure we have the right people in the right roles to lead effectively and on developing the systems to ensure our continued success. The other key part of my role is on maintaining culture. Our human-first culture is a really important part of IFF life, so I work closely with the leadership team, to ensure we retain this close focus on people and culture to make IFF a place where people truly thrive.

What I’ve achieved

I am proud to be part of a special team that has helped IFF grow into one of the leading independent research companies in the UK, delivering impactful research which makes a difference to people’s lives. Aside from our continued growth, my greatest satisfaction comes from seeing the successes of others – watching rising stars moving up the ranks from junior researchers through to research directors, and seeing people develop personally, as well as professionally.