Hello there,

I’m Gill Stewart

Curries with all the trimmings, misty walks, cinnamon buns, puppies

A little bit of what I do

My job is to make sure that our people are skilled and confident at work so that we can delight our clients. And to give everyone the opportunity to learn and develop in the way they want to, throughout their whole career with us. This means more than just training courses, but building a learning culture: creating learning opportunities in the everyday, providing feedback and coaching, making it safe to ask questions and acknowledge mistakes, and working together to get excited about problems so that we continue to make things better. And, yes, of course making sure we all have access to excellent training. Ultimately, it’s about making sure our people know that we value their learning and will support it.

What I’ve achieved

I was a Researcher at IFF for 12 years before moving into Learning and Development full time in 2020. Since then I have formalised, embedded and accredited our internal training, created many new training modules and guidance, upskilled our trainers and line managers, and increased knowledge sharing and learning engagement across the business. There is still of course a long way to go! I’m very excited about finding new ways to make IFF the kind of place where everyone can do great work that excites them, and enjoy watching themselves grow.