Longitudinal DLHE survey published by HESA

We are delighted to see that HESA have published findings from the latest Longitudinal DLHE survey (for the class of 12/13) using data collected by IFF from 107,340 graduates in the winter of 2016/17. The ongoing study details what graduates are doing 3½ years after completing a course, and is the most comprehensive source of insight into long term graduate outcomes and destinations.

The survey had more responses than ever before and revealed that 94% of 2012/13 graduates were either in work or study 3½ years later, with slightly more leavers employed and slightly fewer in study than was found with the previous cohort two years ago. 87.5% of leavers said they were satisfied with their career to date and 65.3% agreed that their course had been good value for money.

IFF are immensely proud of the contribution that we have been able to make to the Longitudinal DLHE in our work on it over the last 12 years, working with esteemed colleagues from HESA and from the wider Higher Education Statistics community.

This survey looks set to be the last one ever run, and it has broken new ground in its approach which provides institutional level findings for the first time.

An interactive overview of the latest findings including information from IFF’s technical report for this project can be found here

Questionnaires, fieldwork materials, full technical reports and all other resources can be found on HESA’s website here