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Your monthly hotline to 500 UK senior decision makers.

Business Spotlight – IFF’s business omnibus survey. Every month, we complete 500 telephone interviews with a broad spread of UK companies, carefully chosen to provide data that is representative of all UK businesses. We always check that we are talking with senior managers and business owners with commercial and financial decision-making authority, whose opinions and behaviours are important to our clients.

An omnibus survey allows you to ask your own questions whilst sharing the cost of research overheads with other companies asking their own questions – thereby providing your organisation with market data at a more affordable price. And because we use telephone-based research, our omnibus provides more robust results than an online panel is able to deliver. A transparent approach to pricing and a flexible range of solutions make Business Spotlight one of the most cost-effective telephone surveys available in the UK today.

What is Business Spotlight?

  • Every month we interview a fresh sample of 500 UK businesses, representing a wide range of industry sectors, geographical regions and customer demographics
  • Before we begin the interview, we always check to make sure we are speaking to a senior person, someone with decision-making authority, someone whose views and attitudes are important to our clients
  • Interviews are conducted by our in-house fieldwork team to ensure the delivery of credible data for our clients. No call lasts longer than 15 minutes, and we follow best practice guidelines at all times
  • The telephone survey takes two weeks to complete, and data tables are available one week thereafter. We offer three levels of reporting to suit a variety of client needs, and we provide data add-ons for clients who wish to focus on particular sectors, regions or customer demographics.
  • There is no entry fee, no set up costs, no minimum spend, and no hidden extras – just a transparent, fair and easy-to-understand rate card

Business Spotlight is the ideal research solution for any organisation aiming to make better business decisions. Our clients come from a wide range of industries operating within the private, public and third sectors, as well as membership bodies and regulatory organisations which wish to track opinions and develop insights on behalf of their members.

Business Spotlight reduces uncertainty during the decision-making process, providing independent evidence that helps to safeguard a company against unnecessary risk when making significant commercial investments.

ICAEW members advise over two million businesses in the UK. Through Business Spotlight, IFF Research provides a valuable opportunity for us to capture the opinions of a nationally representative sample of businesses.”

James Baglin

Senior Strategic Insight Manager



IFF Research’s Business Spotlight enabled us to find out about employer attitudes towards hiring disadvantaged young people. IFF was incredibly helpful throughout the entire process, and advised us on how to best use the data to create the biggest impact.”

Abigail Gill

Policy and Research Officer


Who is it for?

  • Are the opinions of senior UK business people important to your organisation’s plans and goals?
  • Are you interested in the views of UK businesses relating to matters such as; the economy, politics and future financial confidence?
  • Do you require independent data to inform and guide boardroom policy?
  • Are you looking for insights and attitudes concerning purchasing patterns to help your sales teams to increase turnover and improve profits?
  • Do you wish to protect your organisation’s future, by keeping abreast of developing trends in today’s dynamic business environment?
  • Do you wish to gain pre-launch feedback for a new policy, initiative, service or product?
  • Are you looking for a cost-effective way to test the UK business marketplace for advertising, promotion, communication, PR, branding, or any other marketing purposes?
  • Would it be beneficial to gain a better understanding of the knowledge of UK businesses concerning governance, compliance, pensions, employment law, accreditation - or any other issues relevant to your organisation?


How we do it

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Multiple Options

Business Spotlight is a monthly hotline with lots of options. Some clients require instant insight into what businesses think; others are looking for a trustworthy benchmarking tool to provide them with an ongoing barometer of opinions, trends and behaviours amongst the UK business community.


Snapshot is ideal for organisations looking for a one-off research solution, or for those who wish to analyse the UK business marketplace on an ad hoc basis. Our monthly omnibus is a great survey tool for companies looking for robust market insight at a cost-effective price.


Tracker is ideal for organisations looking for ongoing analysis on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. We use a variety of reporting tools that allow our clients to track trends in behaviours and attitudes over a period of time.

Data reporting

Some of our clients ask us to supply them with data tables, which they will analyse and incorporate into their own reports and presentations. Others prefer us to provide them with an executive summary and/or a full reporting package, either because they don’t have the resources to analyse the data tables internally, or because they prefer to receive independent analysis from a third party such as ourselves.

Project Manager
Question Design
Survey Preparation
Telephone Survey
Data Tables
Conference Call
Executive Summary
Full Reporting

Sample design

Are you looking for market research with a greater focus on a specific geographical region, market sector or demographic profile? DataBoost might be the solution you are looking for.


Our approach to sample design lets you build up a larger selection of interviews with the group you are most interested in, ensuring that the results of the survey are as relevant to your needs a possible from an off-the-shelf product.

Key features

Quality: We interview new businesses every month to ensure unbiased results – plus, our telephone approach means that our omnibus survey delivers more robust data than an online panel is ever likely to deliver.

Expertise: We are an independent market research company, founded over 50 years ago. Our team of highly experienced research professionals are passionate about what they do.

Service: We work in close partnership with clients and strive to forge strong relationships built on mutual trust and respect. We do this through effective communication, by offering proactive and constructive advice, and by always hitting deadlines.

Flexibility: Being flexible in our approach is extremely important to us, as we know that every client has a unique set of needs. That’s why our business omnibus comes with a wide variety of options.

Value: We always aim to deliver excellent value for money. That’s why we offer fair pricing and a transparent rate card, with no entry fees, no set up costs, no minimum spend, and no hidden extras.

Team biographies

Alice Stratton

Associate Director

alice.stratton@iffresearch.comAlice has been with IFF Research for eight years, during which time she has worked across all aspects of market research. Alice is responsible for discussing the brief, checking specific needs and agreeing budgets, to ensure that client aims are always met.

Matt Barnes


matt.barnes@iffresearch.comMatt has worked in market research for 11 years, starting his career at Ipsos Mori before moving to the National Audit Office. He joined IFF Research in 2014 as a director, and one of his roles is to make sure Business Spotlight always meets client needs.

Contact us

Interested in finding out more? Got any questions? Please contact Alice or Matt to discuss your requirements in more detail. We will suggest some options for your consideration, and provide you with an outline budget too.