IFF Research illuminates the world for organisations, businesses and individuals, helping them to make better-informed decisions.

Our Values

1. Being human first:

Whether employer or employee, client or collaborator, we are all humans first and foremost. Recognising this essential humanity is central to how we conduct our business, and how we lead our lives. We respect and accommodate each individual’s way of thinking, working and communicating, mindful of the fact that each has their own story and means of telling it.

2. Impartiality and independence:

IFF is a research-led organisation which believes in letting the evidence do the talking. We don’t undertake projects with a preconception of what “the answer” is, and we don’t hide from the truths that research reveals. We are independent, in the research we conduct, of political flavour or dogma. We are open-minded, imaginative and intellectually rigorous.

3. Making a difference:

At IFF, we strive to make a difference to the lives of clients, our people and wider society, by the research we deliver and the way we do business. We’re proud to work with clients who share our ambition for positive change, and actively choose projects that can make a positive impact.

Our Rules of the Game

IFF’s Rules of the Game are a set of behaviours, chosen by our team, which turn our Values into action.

Our commitment to wellbeing

The wellbeing of our staff is something we place great importance on. That’s why we created an employee-led wellbeing committee, tasked with promoting and supporting wellbeing at IFF.

As a team, our wellbeing committee composed our wellbeing statement:

At IFF we put wellbeing at the heart of our workplace culture. It is core to our organisational values and ways of working.

We support our employees to lead a healthy and happy lifestyle, both in and out of work.

Our Wellbeing Committee:

  • Runs initiatives and regular events that promote physical and mental wellbeing
  • Writes articles in our monthly newsletter about the external support available
  • Gives line managers training in offering basic pastoral care, reasonable adjustments and referrals
  • Oversees our team of Mental Health First Aiders who offer first line support and identify concerns

Our wellbeing committee are supported by our social committee, who organise a range of social activities to suit the diverse interests of our team. As well as our environmental committee who are helping us to work more sustainably.