I’m Jan Shury

Father of four, Manchester United fanatic, Francophile and born-again karateka

A little bit of what I do

I became managing director at IFF Research in 2007 having worked in the market research industry (on and off) since the early 90’s. As a manager and business leader, my focus is on developing the systems and people that ensure IFF’s continued excellence in research delivery. As a researcher, my expertise lies in the Learning & Skills, Employment & Benefits and Business & Enterprise sectors. I have extensive experience of applying mixed methodologies and creative techniques across the training and education, employment and benefits and business and advice sectors.

What I have achieved

I am proud to have watched IFF Research grow into one of the leading independent research companies in the UK and to have led some of IFF’s largest and longest standing projects such as the Employer Skills Survey series and the Longitudinal series of Destination of Leavers from Higher Education studies.