Here at IFF we’re strongly committed to creating an environment that is inclusive, with equal opportunities for all. As part of this commitment we’ve proud to have signed the MRS Inclusion Pledge: A Manifesto for Opportunity, committing to the associated practices outlined below.

MRS Inclusion Pledge

We believe that a sector that provides insight and evidence about human behaviour and society should be representative of the world it serves. We are committed to creating an inclusive environment where the only barriers to progress are personal choice and professional competence.

To this end, we commit to:

  1. Gather, and where appropriate, publish pay statistics annually and where it is found, dismantle pay discrimination based on gender and ethnicity.
  2. Work towards ensuring our staff are representative of the full diversity of our business locations.
  3. Work towards the achievement of appropriate government targets for the representation of women and minority ethnic groups at senior management and board level.
  4. Improve the recruitment of a representative intake with initiatives such as ending unpaid internships and supporting school university and apprenticeship programmes.
  5. Create safe places to work for all, committing to:
    • Create accessible environments in our offices for all staff and visitors
    • Adopt timeTo Code of Conduct on sexual harassment
    • Develop a proactive culture that supports whistleblowing
    • Train staff to recognise those who need help for stress or mental health and wellbeing and create appropriate support systems
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