Video: Understanding ESS: A practical guide to using Employer Skills Survey data

The Employer Skills Survey is one of the largest B2B surveys in the world involving over 90,000 telephone interviews with employers across the UK. The findings from this research offer exclusive insight into the skills needs of employers providing robust analytical power at a local, sectoral and occupational level. The information is hugely valuable to those in the HE sector but with such a vast data set it can be difficult to search out the information you need at a local level.

Last September IFF presented key findings from the Employer Skills Survey at the AGCAS conference and one thing that came out of our conversations with delegates was that it would be helpful for institutions to have a better understanding of how to make use of these data. As the lead contractor and report authors of ESS, IFF sits in a unique position of being able to offer unique insights and practical application suggestions for this hugely valuable information source.

In December 2017 IFF’s Managing Director Jan Shury and Associate Director Andrew Skone-James hosted a webinar to help institutions gain a better understanding of the Employer Skills Survey. During this webinar they summarised skills vacancies among professional staff in the UK, explained UK skills vacancies at regional levels and provided a guide to accessing ESS data.

You can watch a full recording of IFF’s Understanding ESS webinar here:



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