understanding and communicating your survey results

A customer survey is a great way to regularly check in with your residents, and it can be an extremely valuable tool for understanding how they feel about you as a landlord. The feedback that you receive from these surveys can help you make changes that will improve customer satisfaction. In this blog, we’ll discuss why it’s important to understand customer survey results and communicate the results with your team and your residents.

Showing you care

Understanding and communicating your survey results is a great way to show residents that you care. You are taking their feedback on board and listening to them. This leads to actions that show customers that you’re using that information to make changes for their benefit. It’s all about supporting your customers, so they feel listened to, and improving the service you’re providing to them based on their feedback and survey results. It’s so important to do this consistently to build a lasting, trusting customer relationship.

A customer-centric approach

A customer-centric approach is always going to be the best way to conduct any service in social housing. It’s about putting your customers’ needs at the heart of every activity and intervention you undertake, because their homes are your responsibility. Customers don’t always need to know about the pressures facing the sector, but they do need to know about the things that are being done to improve their homes and your service. Ensuring you communicate customer survey results is a good way tell customers that you are listening, and you care.

Trust and transparency is vital

Trust and transparency are key drivers of satisfaction and sharing your survey results and customer feedback is a great way to show residents that you’re listening. A transparent view of your performance is key to enabling a trusting relationship with your residents. Making customer survey results are accessible to residents is important so that they can see exactly what you are achieving.

Not just communicating the information outwardly

You need to take an approach that harnesses two-way communication, where you are listening to customers and responding with the right kind of actions. It’s not just about communicating information; it should be an ongoing conversation between you and your customers. This is the only way to build a lasting customer relationship and ensure that you get feedback from them, so you know where they feel there are opportunities for improvement.

Don’t forget about your teams

Communicating customer survey results is a great way for you and your staff to understand how effective they have been in delivering the best possible service, as well as helping them identify service expectation gaps that could be closed. With everyone working together towards common performance goals, it will help make positive changes for customers which will increase overall levels of satisfaction and engagement.

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