Sharing positive feedback with staff

What do your employees think of the customer service they provide? Do they feel appreciated and valued? Do you feed positive customer experiences back to your team? In this blog, we’ll look at why sharing positive feedback is so important to your team members and has a direct impact on your residents’ customer satisfaction and engagement.

Why sharing positive feedback matters

Valuing team members

When we conduct resident surveys and receive positive feedback about the services provided, we always urge the client to share the good news with the team. It will make staff feel valued, knowing that their efforts are making a difference, and seeing that proved through survey results is extremely useful in terms of feeding that back.

Motivating teams

It’s important for managers and supervisors to regularly share positive feedback from customer satisfaction surveys with their team members. This will help them understand the importance of the work they are undertaking for your residents, your neighbourhoods, and communities — which could lead to higher levels of job satisfaction and employee engagement.

Feedback underpins what you do

Your residents ultimately determine what you do and how you do it. If you can directly relate your activity back to customer feedback, it validates what you are doing and the actions you are you’re undertaking as a landlord.

Ways to share feedback

Be creative

It’s important to streamline positive feedback messages and share them in any way you can. For example, in the office in reports or a presentation, promoting the messages throughout the day on display screens. Having little quotes here and there will make feeding back more natural and will become embedded in the company culture.

“I worked at a housing association that displayed positive customer feedback on the wall, done professionally in our company colours. It’s so nice to see lovely quotes from customers about my colleagues doing a good job and supporting residents.”

Hollie Jones, Research Manager

Close the loop

Working in social housing is a rewarding career but can also be a stressful environment. Team members are frequently dealing with complaints and dissatisfied customers that only get in touch when they are already frustrated. Sometimes colleagues don’t see the end result of a resident’s issues, so it’s helpful to share positive feedback publicly across walls, display screens and in presentations. This provides assurance to team members that their work is valued and closes the feedback loop visibly.

Share through storytelling

Don’t wait until you’ve gathered the final figures, share your story along way. Once team members and customers understand your starting point, what you are trying to achieve, and the journey to get there – it adds credibility and real heart to what can sometimes be quite dry performance reporting. People will relate to your story, and that emotional engagement with your organisation is essential for building trust and loyalty.

Positive feedback makes a real difference

Sharing positive feedback matters to your team, your organisation and to your residents. Positive feedback is reassuring; and it builds trust and loyalty. By communicating the positive opinions customers are sharing about the work that you do for them, it will encourage and reassure team members who know their efforts are making a difference.

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