Coronavirus: a message to our clients and partners

Updated 20 March 2020

With the increasing threat from the coronavirus (Covid-19) we’re taking steps to protect the safety of our people, our clients, our respondents and wider society. While ensuring the continuation of our service delivery, amid these challenging times.

Our first priority is of course protecting people and preserving health.

As a result:

  • Our offices are now closed with all our staff now working from home;
  • We’ve re-enforced our systems and infrastructure to enable all staff to work remotely, and ensure the continuation of research projects;
  • We’re limiting all unnecessary travel, using technology to enable meetings with colleagues, clients and partners;
  • We’re making the most of the technology available to us, conducting interviews over Zoom, so our research projects are not affected.

Business as usual

In terms of business continuity, we’re in a privileged place as a business because we are long-time proponents of flexible and home working.

The majority of our telephone interviewers were working from home before this hit. Over the past two weeks we’ve strengthened our systems to ensure that interviewing capacity is not affected by any measures required for isolation. We’re carefully monitoring the performance of all projects and keeping in contact with clients. We will raise concerns with clients of projects that may be affected by an ability to reach businesses or a specific audience group.

Our team will remain available for client meetings and calls, supported by Zoom. Please be reassured that we are taking every precaution to prevent planning or project delivery being affected.

If you have any further concerns, please do get in touch, either with your project manager, or via our help desk.

Sending our best wishes to you all – for the health of your teams and your business in the weeks and months ahead,

All the team at IFF