IFF’s stakeholder perception audit report published by the Nursing and Midwifery Council

The report draws together the views of some of the NMC’s most senior partners – including chief nursing officers, government policy makers, trade union representatives and leaders of organisations representing public and patients – and will inform the 2020 – 2025 strategy of the organisation.

Most stakeholders felt that the NMC is on the right trajectory, having been making gradual improvements since c.2012 and being well placed to continue with positive change. However, it was felt that positive initiatives and changes are not fully embedded throughout the NMC and that more work needs to be done.

Andrea Sutcliffe, the new Chief Executive of the NMC, summarised the key take-outs as follows in her recent blog:

  • Partners believe we need to continue focusing on being more transparent and open, as well as being more proactive in explaining our priorities.
  • Communication must improve with all of those we come into contact with.
  • A strong message that the four countries dimension of our work needs to be a clear and unambiguous priority for us.
  • There was also a sense that we could do more with the role we have and the information we hold to influence the health and social care world and support nurses and midwives to deliver better, safer care.

To find out more, click here for the full report.