IFF Seminar: The Future is Closer Than You Think – What Technology Means for Research (23rd November 2017)

As we move deeper into the digital age we are presented with a unique set of challenges, as well as exciting opportunities. Harnessing the power of technology to improve efficiency and reduce time, cost and burden benefits commissioners, participants and researchers alike. But the flipside is that technology not only enhances what we do but also displaces it.

Our keynote speaker Daniel Susskind (Fellow in Economics at Balliol College, Oxford, and former policy adviser in the Prime Minister’s Strategy Unit) will be sharing insights from his best-selling book, The Future of the Profession. In this book he sets out two futures both of which lie in technology. One future is a reassuringly familiar, more efficient version of what we have today. The other is transformational – a gradual replacement of professionals by increasingly capable systems.

What this means for research (panel discussion):

A panel of experts will respond by reflecting on what this means for our own profession, including:

  • Which elements of the research process will benefit from technology/automation?
  • Which elements of the research process will benefit from retaining a ‘human’ element.
  • What skills will the researchers of the future need?

Keynote speaker:

  • Daniel Susskind – Fellow in Economics at Balliol College, Oxford University and author of the best-selling book The Future of the Profession.


  • Mark Carrigan – SRA trustee and Digital Fellow at The Sociological Review Foundation.
  • Katie Metzler – Head of Research Methods Innovation at SAGE Publishing.
  • Olivier Legris – Head of Strategy at Future Platforms.


  • Rowan Foster – Director, IFF Research.

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