IFF Report: Gender Pay Data

An IFF report has just been published for the Government Equalities Office. The study investigated the extent to which employers across Great Britain with 150+ staff collect, report and publish data on pay by gender and to assess the awareness and impact of Think, Act, Report three years on from its publication. The research found that three in ten organisations (31%) had conducted or were conducting a formal gender pay gap review: of these just 13% had reported this data (equivalent to 4% of all employers with 150+ staff). IFF’s report was published the day after the prime minister announced the government’s intention to press ahead with plans to make firms with more than 250 workers publish the average pay of their male and female employees: previously this was voluntary for firms in the private and voluntary sector.

The report can be found at: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/company-reporting-gender-pay-data