IFF launches ‘Bright Ideas’ Financial Services insight portal

IFF’s Financial Services team have launched a new central insight portal hosting exclusive, downloadable research papers, webinars and blogs informed by work that has been carried out through IFF’s Fintech Beacon and our own research across the broader financial sector. Having shared these findings at conferences and seminars throughout the summer, the team are now giving banks, fintechs, investment companies and other financial service organisations access to papers covering the following areas:

  • A new normal: Customer experience in financial services
  • Building and maintaining trust in financial services
  • Digital consumers shine a light on future pension needs
  • The opportunity for banks to engage with the new millennial business decision makers
  • Understanding the new impact saver and investor
  • The role of robo-advice in the investment market
  • Understanding the changing world of a financial adviser

The ‘Bright Ideas’ portal also hosts a 20-minute webinar with the latest insight from our Fintech Beacon community. To learn more about Fintech Beacon click here

Access IFF’s ‘Bright Ideas’

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IFF’s Financial Services department remains open for business over the August holiday period and would be delighted to discuss any of the above in more detail.

Email Georgina Clarke for details georgina.clarke@iffresearch.com