A healthy future for healthcare research

IFF’s innovative healthcare offering sees recognition and expertise is in high demand.

Last week IFF’s Health and Wellbeing team were nominated for the MRS Healthcare Research Award for work conducted as part of a dementia pilot project for the Department of Business Innovation and Skill (BIS) in partnership with Loughborough University – Click here for details.

This nomination rounds off a brilliant year for the development of our healthcare offering and highlights how our Health and Wellbeing team are breaking new ground in their approach to the kind of projects we love to work on, those that make a real difference to peoples lives.


Healthcare research continues to be area of great importance for the public sector and shows no signs of waning as questions remain over government health care policies and efficiency in the NHS.

Our Health and Wellbeing package has grown in recent years and been given a renewed focus. We have added experience to our ranks and developed a greater understanding of the unique benefits we offer such as our ability to access many hard to reach audiences and offer flexibility in our service.


Our new look healthcare team are by no means inexperienced and their expertise has been in high demand as of late. Healthcare research directors Mark Speed and Matt Barnes have been busy presenting research into attitudes to the NHS complaints handling process at conferences around the UK and will be sharing their findings at next weeks ‘NHS Patient Complaints: Improving Your Response to Support Patients & Staff Conference’ next week.

See the full presentation here: slideshare.com

For more information on our Health and Wellbeing team visit our sector page here. To speak to a healthcare expert Call: 02 07250 3035 or Email: healthandwellbeing@iffresearch.com