At a glance

To improve engagement and performance in their Voice of the Customer tracker survey, our financial services client commissioned IFF research to carry out stakeholder workshops and refresh their customer research programme.  Our team conducted a gap analysis and workshops to understand the changing business requirements for staff and customers.  The resulting report and action plan were taken forward to improve customer and staff engagement with the research, and to inform their business strategy.

About the Client

A financial services client that specialises in providing workplace pensions to businesses and employees runs a regular tracking survey of business customers as part of its Voice of the Customer programme. This regular survey covers a range of aspects of the customer experience, and is used to track progress of the business in meeting its strategic goals.

Challenges and Objectives

It was felt that there could be improvements made to the survey, to ensure that findings are targeted at the current needs of the business, and to ensure outputs provide tangible insights that will lead to clearer business improvements. Trend data from the survey had also been relatively stable, and stakeholders wished to ensure that staff continued to use and gain value from the research over the longer term.

To meet the challenge of refreshing interest in the programme as well as identifying insight gaps and developing new ways of gathering this insight, we moderated a half-day workshop with research staff and key stakeholders that use the research.


The workshop followed a broad outline, and included a range of exercises and moderated discussions with a variety of stimulus. The broad outline of the workshop was:

  • Pre-task prior to the session to prompt and encourage creative thinking.
  • A number of exercises to help stakeholders identify and explore what their goals are to be a successful business.
  • Discussion and generation of ideas as to what information is needed to meeting these business goals.
  • Targeted discussion on additions needed to the current research programme in terms of additional questionnaire content, as well as additional tailored research that may be needed outside the current programme setup.


As part of our service we provided a summary report with key recommendations for the client. Following on from this, IFF Directors and client research staff held a final action planning to discuss the best ways to implement the changes that came from the workshop, to ensure that improvements are progressed.

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