Swinton insurance customer experience research

In an increasingly competitive market, Swinton recognised the importance of engaging customers in regular dialogue. In this context it commissioned IFF to conduct a large-scale, event-driven tracking study of its motor and home insurance customers.

How does IFF illuminate the facts with research?

The main objective of IFF’s research has been to provide an on-going measure of customer experience with Swinton private motor and home insurance. We also provide information for key business stakeholders on how Swinton is complying with its obligations to treat customers fairly.

The study involved:

  • Cognitive interviewing to design and test the questionnaire before launching the survey.
  • 5,500 telephone interviews conducted every year – stratified by the nature and ‘event’ of the contact with Swinton.
  • Statistical techniques and modelling to produce Key Driver Analysis.
  • Regular dashboard reporting on results, complemented by a series of more formal workshops and de-briefs with key stakeholders.

Working closely with stakeholders and the project team, IFF has always ensured the findings delivered go beyond simply presenting percentages – we seek to make all our findings and recommendations actionable for the business.

Recent case studies